Wednesday, November 1, 2023



Blue Flowers


When we were little,

they told stories

for the blue flowers

which sang, and then

drowned in the silence.

And it was scary and wonderful

to listen to the mysterious story,

and then to move in the night

and catching fireflies in the dark.

The earth swayed in summer

in a green night haze

and the stars shone

like eyes of blue.


A Day Like A Child


The day escapes from the darkness

and floods with brilliance

the things that were quarreled in the night.

It stretches incorrectly on the floor

and leans on the rods of the chair.

It hugs the awakened carpet patterns

and slides its smile

in the tea cup.

It misleads the crooked paths to the road

and there it stands triumphantly,

staring at the firs,

it pierces shiny and dusty cars,

it banters the winds.

And then it walks along the shore,

whispering to the sea,

it courts the herring gull,

it steps on mussels with impunity,

admiring the shapes,

the features,


The day,

similar to a child.


The Face Of The Night


The familiar star face of the night

is peeking out of my window into the room.

I didn’t know the song – I learned it –

I can’t sing it.

But in the mountains is the sky,

the field also contains forests.

The day is longer than the folly,

although sometimes we think the opposite.




MIROSLAVA PANAYOTOVA (Bulgaria) graduated from Plovdiv University, specialty Bulgarian philology and English language. She has published poems, stories, tales, aphorisms, essays, criticisms, translations, articles and interviews in periodical and collections. She has published the following poetry books: Nuances, 1994, God of the senses, 2005, Pitcher, 2014, Whisper of leaves, 2017, Green feeling, 2018; two books with stories: An end, and then a beginning, 2017, Path of love, 2018; two eBooks: Laws of communicatons /aphorisms/, 2018, Old things /poetry/, 2018. She is a member of the Union of the Independent Bulgarian Writers and a member of Movimiento Poetas del mundo. She is a member and a coordinator in the team to the e-journal Ghorsowar, too. Miroslava Panayotova is an ambassador of IFCH (International Forum for Creativity and Humanity). Her verses are translated in English, Spanish, Greek, Albenian, Uzbek.

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