Wednesday, November 1, 2023



If You Ever Find It...


Don't bring gray mist in my sight

Dense emptiness, you ne'er bring

Do bring me air and light,

Or water from an Albanian spring.


I don't want dry leaves of sadness

That change skin in autumn thereon,

I'm clean and I love the whiteness,

I've never become a Chameleon.


So bring me a glass of friendship,

If possible, fill it to the brim,

I long to get drunk sip by sip

Of course, if you ever find it.


Madness  Of The Wind


A crazy wind shook the city,

And roof tiles it devoured,

Roads were scared, lights went out,

In my bosom longing cowered.


Gusts of wind shook the trees,

Poor them trembled with much fear,

Like a feather a nest fell,

While the daylight did appear.


When it left, silence spread,

Like a mourning ceremony,

And its long silhouette laughed

Say, it won a victory. 





junction extensions,

that touch

the heavenly marrow.



a tree with

roots deeply,

embedded in the mother earth.



sometimes scattered

in space like a nebula,

when the city is clothed with dawn,

Once stuck in spider webs,

trying in vain to find salvation.



seagull tearing chest,

how often do you feel pain

for those who never forgive,

In the name of Love

as the most Beautiful Saint.




RAJMONDA QOSE SHKOPI was born in Kuçova city, in Albania. She has completed her higher studies at the "Aleksandër Xhuvani" University, Language and Literature branch, in Elbasan city and works as a teacher in the city of Berat. She was invited to radio shows, where she stood out as a poet with aspirations and a high creative level. Her poems were published in newspapers and literary magazines such as: "Destinacion" newspaper, "Ciceroni" newspaper, "Nacional" newspaper, "ILLz" magazine, "Nositi" magazine, "Obelisk" magazine, "Dituria" magazine, "Orfeu" magazine, etc. She is a co-author with her poems in the "Kuçova-Unicef" literary anthology, the "Poetry knows no bounds" anthology. The anthology "I want to talk with flowers", the magazine "Albania, Natural Albania", Nositi magazine, Dardania magazine, etc. She won the third prize in the literary manifestation "Tahir Desk's Hour". In the Vexhi Buharaja competition she won a certificate of appreciation, as well as in the competition for the "Ibrahim Rugova" award. At the Second National Festival of Poets in Shkodër, she received a Certificate of Appreciation, she won the third prize in the competition. She won the Pen of the Year award as well as many first and excellence prizes in online competitions. She has published the volume of poems "Don't give up" and "Forget to kiss the dew".

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