Wednesday, November 1, 2023





I’m the one who sees those sunrises and sunsets,

Just like a divine spark that exists within the soul

And shines upon indifferent clouds.

That astonishing beauty of the sky is beyond my control.

It may be that there is soulless light.

The mirror of the suitable divine shade

intertwined beyond my last sigh, far past the stars;

To the last thing in space wherein my dust is laid.

My mind doth freely race and stretches at this infinitude.

Within the vastness of the abyss, time and space

dwells in a loveable realm where endless love lives and

The bitter dance of loneliness fades on each forgotten face.

It may be that, after all, the cosmos exists,

And the arrow of time may continuously fly.

It may be that I’m nothing but constellations and wonder,

Or a scar on the astonishing beauty of the sky.

My soul is a cosmos, a set that is pure and true.

A constant reminder of the existence of me and you!




There is a new light in the sky,

a divine spark that exists within the soul.

While burning clouds pass by,

that magic moment is out of control.


And all of a sudden I feel relieved and light.

I see among the stars a different birth.

A new moon arrives and walks the night,

this way, or that, gazing on the earth.

Then some pale shadows ate the moon

and took all of the things that belong to the day.




We navigate our lives through difficulties,

trials, pain, and various everyday cruelties

toward our dreams of a better, brighter day

with the hope that all negativities will go away.


Hope is to believe, to pray in times of sorrow,

to calm down, and think of a happier tomorrow.

It’s the light at the end of the tunnel, the northern star,

a solution when we don’t know where we are.


We should give thanks to God in all things, bad or good

even in disappointments, when we’re misunderstood.

We shouldn’t allow ourselves to sit and mope

but to act, change the way we think, and always have hope!




FROSINA TASEVSKA was born in 1978 in Shtip, Macedonia. She writes poetry for adults and children, haiku, and English poetry. Has been published in various magazines, anthologies, and electronic collections. She received numerous prizes for her poems. She has published two poetry collections so far.

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