Wednesday, November 1, 2023



Autumn Covers The Trees With Gold


The days became shorter, the nights longer.

Gray mists cover fields, gardens, meadows.

Birds fly in a storm.

Autumn covers trees with gold.

Rowan, between gold leaf,

Bunches of berries turn red.

Yellowed leaves on ash trees, elms, and maples.

Young, white birches grow along the path

With rare leaf gilding.

Golden, crimson leaves fall

On the mirror surface of water.

The breeze barely blows – and makes you dizzy

In the air above the ground

Light bunches of yellow leaves.

The day of the yellow blizzard is coming.


Autumn Gives

A Wonderful Palette Of Colors


Still quite often warm days,

But it’s autumn already.

Clean and transparent air.

The air gives off bitterness, dry leaves,

And something else, elusive autumn, cool,

Even on a hot Indian summer day.

Phloxes already smell much weaker than in summer.

The water is no longer just cold, it freezes in the morning.

Autumn covered with rain

But they still bloom and delight with colors

Petunias, marigolds, asters, begonias…

Autumn flowers bring a riot of colors to the garden.

They will stay in bloom

Until the snow covers them.

Flowers resist as best they can

After a frosty night they wilt,

And rise again

Towards the miserly autumn sun.

Autumn brings a wonderful palette of colors.


Leaf Carnival


A sharp autumn wind blew,

Spinning slowly in the air

The leaves fell from the trees,

With a slight noise they landed on the grass.

After the first frost

Intensified leaf fall begins.

On the ground red, yellow, brown,

Golden, yellow-green,

Spotted leaf lays down.

Covers her with a warm patchwork quilt.

Smells like fall leaves.

In frozen silence

Everywhere leaves tumble

For each other, for the naked

They touch the branches.

Carpets of falling leaves rustle underfoot.

Light dry rustle

Heard from all sides.

The leaves are turning bright red.

The carnival of leaves is coming!




HALYNA BOKOCH was born on August 25, 1982 in the city of Kherson. Lives in Kyiv. Graduated from MUBiP with a degree in “Law”, KhNTU with a specialty in “Mechanical Engineering Technologies”, Faculty of Postgraduate Education of the KhNTU with a specialty in “Management”. Author of the collection of poems “Poems about the surrounding world” (Kyiv, 2021), “Poems about the surrounding world” (Kyiv, 2022), “The beauty of the surrounding world” (Kyiv, 2023). It was published In various almanacs and collective collections: “Sun City”, “Waterplay of Dreams”, for children “This world is for you”, about summer vacation “On the shore”, “August kisses of summer”, “Snow rhymes”, “Bouquet for mother”, “Parents and children are different flowers”, “Poetry of the Sunny City”, La Fenêtre de Paris, Vol-II: An Anthology of Poets from Different Countries on La France, An Anthology “The love Book”, PLAISIR D’AMOUR an Anthology by Poetry Planet, Poetry Planet International Magazine June 2022 edition, Poetry Planet International Magazine July 2022 edition, “Luminous”, “Reflection” and others.


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