Wednesday, November 1, 2023




When My Heart Bleeds


When my heart bleeds

I curse you for your treachery

For the love you have shown

Then threw me away in to misery


When my heart bleeds

I regret for loving you deep

For the time I wasted after you

For my pure love you refused to keep


When my heart bleeds

I promise not to love anymore

A girl who comes to knock at my heart

I will surely show her the door


When Love Will Fade Away


When like a flower your love

Will fade away with the time

Its scent will be dissipated in the

Air and heart will no more chime

I will be there to lift you up and show

How inside an old heart love can grow


When like a star your love will

Fade away at the break of dawn

Its glory will be lost as it slips down

Slowly and disappears at the horizon

I will be there to give your love a fresh

Life and it will flourish with much grace


My Love For You


In the early hours of the morn

I would like to kiss your rosy lip

In the sultry hours of the noon

I would hold you in a tight grip


In the sunset hours of the evening

I would sing you a lover's song

When night falls across our land

My love for you grows so strong


I would love you day and night

I have a heart full of love for you

It is fresh as a lotus in the pond

And shines like a globule of dew


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