Wednesday, November 1, 2023



Unutterable Silence


In Silence I came into existence

Without uttering a single word

Very few things I know recently

It all comes through a whisper.


Words fall asleep in this temple of mine

Everything gives birth to a perception

Silence Is all I have learnt so far

The sky is full of dots like this farthest star


Why shall I speak while the answer is inside

All I can utter is a simple sigh

I breathe but what exists is Silence

Dots and full stops make me just wonder.


In Silence all the questions are answered

We came to earth without making a noise

But the inside is full with modes of speech

And utterances are just left unanswered.


In Silence pertains all the sounds of existence

The essence of life is left speechless

Sounds and tones are born out of this quietness

The inside is the place where Silence is taught.


The Thunder Within


The wind blows inside can you hear it?

The storm hits your heart can you feel it?

The shaft of breeze caresses your soft ears

The Sunlight burns your flesh as it never ceases


All nature outlooks are within and without

What u see outward is there inside your heart

Bring your sight to see into your insight

Green grass and daffodils as your inner delight.


The thunder roars inside as your wisdom soars

The diction of Silence has its tones and sounds

When the Lighting strikes can you hear it ?

When the raindrop falls cats and dogs can you smell it?


Nature and Silence have their language system

The wisest one deciphers their odd rhythm

Take a step into the inner core of your teardrops

You will see the ocean there flowing within each drop.


Republic And Poetics


I place myself between The Republic and Poetics

Plato and Aristotle and their major rhetorical Ethics

Philosophy is the main theme I am interested in

To see into the wisdom of existence rooted within.


I am a philosopher poet, and an existential adventurer

Into the depth of my soul, I 've chosen to venture

A wandering bird with an unquenched thirst

Drinking from the De Anima of love I’d like to be the first.


I'd like to know all about the power of Rhetorics

The euphemistic diction of nature to imitate and mimic

Between The Republic and Poetics, I build my news lines

The meticulous architecture of the spirit and the genius of the divine.


I get my inspiration from the Ancient Greece and mainly Aristotle and Plato

An existential philosophy influenced by their motto

The poet and the philosopher are not excluded from my school

I am at the same the water dragon, the maiden, and the fool.




HELA TEKALI hails from Tunisia. She is a poet, a novelist, a translator, an editor, a reviewer, and currently writing a play (a tragedy). She is by profession an English teacher at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences in Tunisia. She has published more than 11 books of poetry, prose, and two novels.

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