Wednesday, November 1, 2023



A Beer


I listen to songs on the lake

My eyelids are burning

I pour beer like from a tap

Everyone fell asleep except us.


The morning dawns, the day wakes up

Cormorants eat fish

Dawn breaks over the lake

All the guys got drunk.


Sing mine

A poem by our poet

As the lake changes color

No more drops of beer.


One glass more or less

Now I have a dilemma

My friends tell me everything

On the lake near the poet.


Just A Moment


Man is enough

Very little love

Do not exaggerate

Because you can be muted

Stay away from too much

Beatings and grooming

The self of your beloved

By other people

To whom did you give them a little?

Love, let go as you dare

Give more than you knew

And they don't need more

Because they didn't

give you the same ones either

You don't say anything at all

Yes, more than a little

It is enough for all of you

Which one did you want bigger?

Hold love in your hand

And let go a little bit

Sweaty fingers and then again

Hug them tightly in a vise

How much love for you too

It wouldn't disappear somewhere

In the pool of a million

A drop of fine rain

With glare and face

Gathered swirls

Very little love.


My Little Friends


I have a lot of little friends

Who want to help me

...but they are small.


The beasts are brisk around them

The jaws opened theirs

... greedy.


Saliva drips from their mouths

It flows from the tongue onto the concrete the ponds.


My friends smiling

They stare at my pupils giving your best.




MARIJA LAZAREVIĆ (Petković) was born on August 18, 1975. in Loznica (Serbia). She is a specialist in general medicine, primarius and a PhD student in neuroscience. She is a memberof the Scientific Board of the General Medicine Section of Serbia, the Scientific Department of Mensa of Serbia and a reviewer of learned papers in the journal General Medicine of Serbia. Marija is a member of the Association of Writers of Serbia and the author of eight books, four of which are collections of poems. She is the winner of several awards in the fields of literature, poetry and medical science.



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