Wednesday, November 1, 2023



Man Is Tested From Where He Beleives In


A song comes and bloodies your wound up

The love lusting for freedom

Beats in your chest 


Your word comes from the convent of the words

Your patience is listening to its own voice on the face of the wall facing you

In order that the abysses blossom

As man lives, he resembles his sorrows a little and also his joys


You walk on the grass-melodious roads

In an air of a swallow-like walking

By looking up at the sky

A never-ending world pain in your heart

And your hands are some sweaty July heat


Man has been mostly tested from where he believes in for perpetuity…

Tell me what a bird talk about gracefully

On the branches of a tree


When you come to the last phase of breathing

Fear not, this life that your smile gets into debt

Welcomes you like a hero

The birds were not afraid either, they were heroes

Give them water...


Translated By Recep Nas




GÜLTEN DOĞRUYOL İNCESU was born in Ardahan /Hanak, Turkey. She lives in Istanbul. She is a laborer in education. She has a son named Cem Ulaş. She started writing during her pupilage. Her first poem was published in 1986. Her poems, essays and short stories were published in literary and art magazines, anthologies and local newspapers. Her poems, essays and short stories were also published in magazines abroad and appeared in many anthologies. She keeps on writing.

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