Wednesday, November 1, 2023




I Remember, I Remember


I know you from time to time

You may not treat my love like that

You are the fuel of thy heart

Where the promise is kept


I know you from time to time

You may not go away from

Since the love letter is kept

I remember, I remember


Wherever you go your soul is in mine

Never I throw it away

Cause you are as crystal in my heart

As the first time of saying,


I am in the love

I am in the happiness to meet

I am in the paradise to stay in


True Love


I am not like a statue

Not like what you think before

Caused by misunderstanding

No mistakes between you and I


The world will be witnesses

It is true love I say always

It is not a lip serve, it is not a lip serve

The moonlight will be smiling


Since you are the same with

Let me not go away

I really in the love

That reminds me to remember

That reminds me to remember


Everywhere I go

You are in thy heart, you are in thy heart

As like the skin and flesh of mine

As like the trees and roots beneath the hills


First Love


You ask me why I am in the love

My heart beats fast

Cause you are like a star in my life

No question to be answered there


Since the world is for us

You and I play games on

But how the life will be with you together

If the love is not coming out


Really, I say in this verse

For the first of love

For the first of my sight

Not for others except when my soul is going away


Elegant World


Never I break my promise

Since the rose which I pick up is really fantastic

In thy life it is a fuel of my heart

I am unable to go away from


Caused by kindness

Not from the beauty

Not from the money to pay

But from the colour of her face

Makes thy life be in happiness


The rose looks like diamond

Which is not as the same with others

Her smile is like the moon in the dark night

Makes the world become more elegant




SIAMIR MARULAFAU (Indonesia) He is a bilingual poet, writer and author who writes in English and Indonesian language. He has published 9 books. He is an active member of various poetry groups on Facebook and participates in many poetry contests. His writings are part of several national and international magazines, newspapers, journals and anthologies. He has won many awards for his poetry. Currently, he works as Associate Professor at the Faculty of Vocational, University of Sumatra Utara, Medan-Indonesia.


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