Wednesday, November 1, 2023



Dog Bites...




They're killing people slowly

They kill humanity with dog bite


No pain was this hidden

No death so slowly


They hide the exploitation of labor

Sometimes your lies

to the abuse of religion

Sometimes their dirty propaganda


They openly occupy some countries

They burn down and kill everything


They make some peoples hurt each other

They bring sedition inside

They invent enemies among themselves


They make some countries hostile to their neighbors

Two three four countries are making war against each other

They vomit death


These dogs are committing genocide

Or they make traitors do it


They crush with capital

They buy lives and enslave people

They are ending their purchasing power with inflation.

They trap people with unemployment

Then they kill slowly with hunger


We are dying my friends

We are dying slowly


They destroy people's souls, their hopes

They kill those who love to live their lives


First world war

First dog bite

Second big bite

Death of millions of people

New order to the world

How many countries are they killing people in now?


Spartacus, who rebelled against the first slave order

Second, the October 17 Revolution

and many more


They trample weak nations

They are easy to swallow

They establish a colonial system


First they smash empires into nations

Then they swallow the weak nations one by one


Native Americans

Asteks Mayans Mexican Indians

The murderers who destroyed with the Genocide

Those who enslave the rest

African slaves for the new workforce

What is this, you filthy capitalist masters

That we are suffering from?




A news is on the way for a thousand days

I will come to you one day

I will bring a good news


O sleeping peoples

The light of life

Sharpness of consciousness

I'll bring the most unbending bullet


O sleepers

I brought you the sun

Scarlet fever

I brought you the light


I will come one day my friends

I will give hope to a poor

lost child to mother

Health to the patient

Give the child a toy


I will tell the people who can't see

good days to come


I will go to the villages where the bird does not fly

I'll bring candy to the kids

Children will call

The peddler has arrived

as a peddler


I'll give them light in the dark nights

I will fill their bellies

I will offer them the fire of the universe


I will light a lamp in the heart of the beggar on the bridge

I will pour the stars of the universe on your feet

I will clean up the blasphemy and the rebellion


I'll expose all the dog bites

And I'll say to these filthy lords

Your end has come


I will overthrow the reign

I will end the sultan

And I will say to the arrogant ignorant sultan

Your end has came

Now is the time for the bright mind


I will build a new earth

I will find new dreams

I'll connect the mind to the light

I will fill the hearts with love

I'll mix fire with water

I'll blow the ground up

I will hang the spring on the flowers

I'll find these in children's dreams

I'll tie it with the call of cicadas


I will cross the border of time with horses

I will laugh at the earth from the Milky Way


I will sing a song to sleepless countries

I will give solace to thirsty hearts


To the mothers in the field

To the fathers in the factories

I'll bring hot bread from the oven


I will plant seven red carnations in every house

I'll draw a child's smile on every window

I will read a poem every evening

And I'll make a picture of happiness


End every war

I will give freedom to every people


Light up success together

I will build with the mind




I know the water from its coming

Why do mothers cry silently?

A small town Kirklareli

I am from Inece town


I know the cool sound of the stream

I sense the footsteps of the wind

My state is a bit of a dervish

a heart cardigan

My patchwork pack

If I were philosophy, art, poetry

My wise mother

Merciful father


Clear water heart my friends

And god is far away

I'm in carnations

Poplars in the wind


I am conscious of the universe

Water of soil

The fire of the air

And your life


I travel continents

I will come in the daylight

My job is to make people

Sell poetry


Sometimes I paint a carnation red

I sell to prisoners


I'll report with the birds

I renew hearts

I plant fresh mint


I water the hope

I dream

I know it's hard

I seek the impossible


My root is from the ground

My strength is from the wind

My hope is from my soul

My desire is fire

Common sense out of the water


Who knows when fathers die

Sea green

Sky blue

And the eyes of time

Does he see like this?


Who knows when mothers die

How many wake up

Makes the day beautiful

Green grass in the mountains

Spike yellow in the steppe

And who kills this burnt song


Mother painters

Fathers architect

Children are poets


Living was a flock of starlings

It was a holiday cheer

A plane tree that was the sound of sparrow chirping




The days were bright

Lullabies in the cradle

Carnations were the lightness of butterflies

Freedom was a big hug


Life was a song on a dragonfly wing

I flew in the abyss of dreams

The sky was my home

Gurbet was a longing poem


I spent a lifetime longing for dragonflies

I went to humanity as a guest of the world


I'm in the middle of wars

I am in heroic defense of the homeland

I'm in philosophy

I am in the light of science


I passed traditions

I passed religions

I passed chants

I left the gods behind


I go up on the level of doubt

I build philosophy with science

I live the poem


I draw a new destiny for humanity

I give the secret of happiness of life


Insatiable loves in your wet eyes

Irresistible feelings in the labyrinths of love


I go from love to adventure

To the woman's light

To silent passions

Until the wind of loneliness

To the bottom of the flight


What on earth did i see

What i've been through in the sky


A boy was collecting stars

He was planting light instead


I've seen endless prisons

He was flapping his wings to a bright poem




I saw a ladder in the sky

Angels were destroying love

I saw a woman

Her love was pouring down her hair

A woman was shining


A sad time was falling on us

The stars were chasing each other

No one could keep the time

People were missing life


I wrote Doludizgin

I'm not a prisoner of time

I destroyed worlds

I built worlds


Wheat was the mist of summer months

Flour and sweat kneading

Bread became the table of time.


I filled the bowl with love

We drank love, glass of glass

Only peace table table


Hunger was a meadowlark song

The beggar begging door to door was Looking for awe


Don't beg for advice, o meadow bird

A poet kindly loved a flower

There was a book enchanted

There was a life, the spring was smoking


Art museum visible from afar

Philosophers knew hope

A poet was washing the emotions


I've seen a lot of war bitter sadness tears

I saw a bright freedom

A pigeon was flying

A politician was lecturing with lies


A despot was bleeding the world

All the people were applauding

Humanity was dying




I was planting lotus in stagnant minds

And daffodil seeds for kids


The sergeant bird would sing

In the evening the butterfly's wings would be hurt

Sparrows roosted in the sycamore

The children were waiting for the sun

The sun kissed them all in the morning


I look through a window

I follow my doubts

Is it good to know

Maybe it's better not to know

Who knows what spring

Which person

What time is good


Eternity was a child by the sea

The one who created the sands played with time

The last calendar leaf would fall

Farewell photo burned


Stairs led lustfully to the sky

Say you're leaving

Drop the old letters

And my mother's memories

Does life obey any math?


Stairs leading to the light

A people were secretly enlightening


A poet seven jasmine

He was planting seven carnations

A cradle between two times

The day was turning into a rose

The rose was returning to the day




Sometimes what wouldn't you give to stop time?

In order to pass


I had my music

My poems in every language

My thoughts

And I had dreams

My reasons to love you


I crossed minefields

Between death and life

Time to blink


This is the first paradox

What blind Gordian knot is this?


It's an innocent romantic cruise

like singing

It's like drinking poetry

Happy and cheerful


I know one day we will go

We will go to eternity

But give me this day

Let's live together

Eternity and a time

A moment together


Then you caress the face of a buried stone like a tombstone

You wave a white handkerchief

Sailboat in the clear blue sea

What do you see other than seagulls?

Nor will anyone hear

Don't think that you will live later


First we leave ourselves in the mirrors

Then our body

Then the world and the universe


Have you ever seen tin

Yellow cold lying your own corpse

Have you ever seen gassal

Respectfully he does his last duty


First my shoes are put in front of my door

Then maybe my corpse will be burned in the sea with a raft

Who knows, maybe my old bloody clothes Will be burned


Who knows what awaits me where I go

Who knows what I will encounter




Lives stuck in a room in a world

Mysterious sensual closed eyes

Passionate wet gap hot virgin lips

We must make love with full rein

we don't have time


First, words leave people

Then their footsteps

Why most things don't turn out as they should

Doesn't death change

Everything you live


Tell me

Why can't people know

How to love well


Time is a red flag activist

A tram ride

A bouquet of flowers





Time goes to infinity


Child time is the journey of the moment

Age is time's play with eternity

Time is the destiny of life

Time is the price of life


Please don't go

Stay a little longer time

I need you more than anything right now


And time is full of surprises

And life is full of surprises

A group of young musicians arrive on the tram

Stolen Mozart's Requiem is a unique ritual


It's time

too late at night

İ have to go


The ship is leaving


A poet comes dressed as black as night

Speaks his last words

Maybe your last poem




The flickering of dew on rose petals at night

The last moonlight on the sea

And the voices of the stars

Heralded an eternal sun

There was not a single cloud

And the slightest smokescreen

There was no endless sky

The coldness of the breeze

And his breath

He gently caressed my face

The petals of the rose in my heart

With a silent scream

Like whispering an unspoken poem

Life is delicate and like a little girl

And life is delicate

And like a little girl


Tell me how long will it take

Say this world exile


I'm writing you a letter

Maybe a poem

Towards the endless sea

Quiet and calm

My eyes are touching her here

My hands are touching her

My mind my feelings my thoughts

I also hope

Give me this moment forever

Let's live a time

Let this be the last

This is the last


Today is my death day

Today is my birthday

Today is my wedding day


welcome to my life forever

Welcome time


Let the endless music begin

Let an endless poem begin

And an endless dance

life is infinity

And like a day




How many thousand horsemen passed through the Caspian

How many thousands of great marauding army

At that moment, a gazelle was drinking from the bent Caspian.


Who would have longed to die

Warm blood swam in his sleepy eyes


When the seed turned into seedling and flower

Love in the color of a rose flowed into your heart


Neighbors were breathing the troubled air

Dews were wrapping the houses mingled with ivy


Darkness was fighting against light in a window

Words had forgotten the joy as it was


The sun alone was winning the war

The world was illuminated by the mind


In the clatter of swords, the songs came to life

The pomegranate flowers were scattering their red blood to the sky.


Didn't the Nazis find humanity in blood?

And many more did not taste the pain of war

And didn't death haunt young hearts?


What war is this

Butterfly and wind

Your innocence with dragonfly


The poet's war with philosophy?

Your hero with history

Be wise and ignorant

good and opposite

Or the world and the universe

What war is this


Who is this commander in pursuit of new conquests?

The tin soldiers and wooden cavalry left behind


Babies cry

Orphan and orphan times

Fathers are dying

And Sakarya is crying


These people are waiting for a feast

In independent times from head to toe


Sleep is forbidden to us

Let the children play with your rattle




Can states be killers?

How long will this despicable order last?


Surely a song is sung in the moonlight

And the flowers bloom again

Smiling roses in Izmir too


A desperate poet commits suicide

A brave heart pulls the first trigger


The Greek cruelty will surely come to an end

Owl in the gardens of Babylon

In our world the nightingale sings


Where the rose blooms in Khyber

Jews who tasted defeat

Then the Nazis

Now the Zionists sworn revenge

Aren't you hungry for blood?

These grudges will be thrown into the dustbin of history


A makeshift evening descended on Negin lake

Eternal fire laughed in Benares


What wars have I seen

What kings

What peoples

What countries

What cities

What people

None of them could taste the freedom


What lofty mountains have I seen?

What vast plains

I recognized the water

I lit the fire

I loved the land

I understood the free wind

I knew the mind

I saw the light


I fought the battle of light and dark

Here is my perfect human triumph




Where does the juniper tree put its roots?

Where do the branches grow

Isn't the thrush the most loyal?

Love nest in your mouth


I saw the universe in the light

I saw the Milky Way in the light

I saw the world in the light

I also saw people in the light

I've seen these in the dark too


I'm from any city in the world

But my cities were burned down


I make a future in a hurry

To the cross of night and darkness


I hear the sound of the rose blooming

The feelings of the stone in the waves


I understand the enthusiasm of a spring swallow

The light of a sad solitude window


Why and for whom are all these wheels of production turning?

And why is bread not enough for these orphans?

And the bells are ringing about whose end


Do you hear too

The voice of this vague love

For whom are these cries rising?


Swallow wing and freedom to fly

Reflection of the soul in group time waters


A passion, this flowing blood poison

A ring of fire

And the dove blessing


Why does a crimson carnation bloom in thoughts?

And the kindness of the silver horse of truth


I hear the sound of created matter

And the sad voice of lyrical faith

And when love looks wet I hear you


A sad music in my wounded heart

Pomegranate flowers in the rain

And a parting song on my tongue


Beauty falling like a dry leaf

The nasty abandonment of joy


The majestic departure of the expatriate wind

But oh line I'm at the beginning of time

And I'm building the new world




I'm buying flowers

And I sell flowers

I'm getting roses

And I'm brewing roses


My soul is the freshness of things

My soul is always young

And always defend the truth


Sometimes my soul is speechless

I'm over my job

I count the drops of the last rain


Sometimes my soul stands on the road like a Stone

The real buckets truth

Truth is my way

My soul is the price of truth


I haven't seen two beeches hostile to each other.

I didn't see two hostile animals

Should we consider humans as animals?


I've never seen a poplar selling its freedom To the ground

And the willow that rents its cluster hair to The water


Unrequited Elm opens its trunk to the crows

Opium flower blooms in your existence

Ladybug at dawn

In the nooks and crannies of the ant


I'm listening to a spring music

I'm listening to a garden

And I stand for the fruit

And I'm maturing


I'm a strange tavern

Madame Despinam

I distribute fruit

Every night I'm like this


Don't stop, hit the sea waves son

I'm already worried about the future




My numb fingers

Promise I'll bring you the sun you want

As much light as you wanta

As bright as you want


I enjoyed living

And from the bitter scent of a daisy


I'm content with the clarity of a mirror

I wouldn't be surprised if a philosophy found the truth


I don't laugh if a child falls

I'm tired


I follow quail nests

The first flight of bustards

And the tracks of mountain goats


Where is rhubarb

Where is your light

When will the starling come

When does the partridge sing

When does the swallow migrate

When does the falcon die?

When is the eagle born?

And when does the moon grow in the Altai

And death is whose prisoner


I'm looking for myself in this life adventure

How many billion years I can't find

I find myself in a heartache

Or make love taste like raspberry


What do you think life is

Or are the wings of death wider?

Or does immortality come to us?


Can one live as long as love?

Life is a black pearl

Or is it a black fig

A strange taste in my mouth is out of date


Life is a big world like an ant

In the bat's night vision dexterity

Or in the strange feeling of the migratory bird


Life is sometimes an end station

Sometimes a final pier

Sometimes an end port


Where is the limit of the universe

Or the secret

Who knows where

And when a nebula in a galaxy


I dream of another world in my dreams

I make a life endlessly


Life is the product square of what

Which value is above infinity

How many heart palpitations

How many universes does the breath have?


Wherever I go, the sky is mine

Love is mine

Fire is mine

The land is mine

Water is mine

The weather is mine

Philosophy is mine

The poem is mine




Nobility is blood

Jorse is a noble animal

What does it matter

Even if the pain increases

What is the importance of being a foreign country?


What's wrong with tulips than carnations?

Now it's time to give it another meaning


Who were the founders of the seven-door city of Hattusha?

How many kings write the names of the books


His mind is illuminated by fire

Give everything a different meaning.


Must burn old words

Must sail with new winds


Must live the rain naked

Washing thoughts with memories


I wrote its fate to the sun

My country was in the rain


Love must rain everywhere in the rain

Woman must smell

Make love to the fullest


A child must play in the rain

Meet with friends in the rain in the


Write a poem in the rain

Must collect lotus

And the world must smell spring


Write your name on the water

And its brightness


Let's make the rain sleep on a mountain night

Let's put the husks to sleep

Let's taste vintage wine

And let's celebrate the birth of the moon

And curse the ominous night


Let's gather wisdom

Let's find fireflies gardens

And chase away poverty


Let's collect all the colors

Let's add hibiscus to the bread


Let's plant seeds in poetry every word

Let's decorate the syllables with silence


Let's write a book without type

Let's create a morning with the brightness of dew


Let's fly ladybugs

Let's rebuild nature

Let's protect the bees


Let's not reduce life

And let's not forget death


If there is no death, would life have meaning?

The meaning of light without darkness


How long does it take to realize the meaning of life?

The purpose of life

Or the end




People always wonder about the future

And your own end

Or what will become of humanity


What is the color of truth

Is it blue

like the heavens

Or like oman


Is the truth in the past?

The past was a dead nature


Does the nightingale sing in the past

Did the wind blow in the past


In the past, kites don't fly

In the past, children do not play


In the past, wind roses do not bloom

In the past people are dying


Let's go to the sea

Let's bring existence on choppy shores


Let's collect sunny corals

Let's find yellow hot psoriasis


If one day we fall

Let's not blame the sun

And let's not get mad at the moon


Our hands reach infinity

Finches make love in the sea


Hearts are wounded

Life's ups and downs


What is the cure for the patient

Flower in the hospital gives a thousand lives

And death is the most faithful friend


Pigeons come

Takes away the fear of death


Is the death of the caterpillar the end?

Or is it the beginning of the butterfly?


Death is not the end

Friend, don't forget this


The cicada dies every fall

Reborn every summer


Death lives in the mind of man

There is no life when there is death

While there is life, there is no death


Let life smell a little basil now

Let's open the curtains

And let's look at the sky

And let's look at the sea

Let's live my friends

Let's live


Let's set a table decorated with lotus

Is not life in the fear of aphorisms


There are signs of life among the hackberry

Let it breathe, let's leave it with destiny feelings


Let the youth catch fire

Let the instinct live

And let him run after every season

Let the flowers bloom in your hands


Let's let the song of loneliness burn

Let the poem wake up with feelings


Let's live a sincere life now

A red bud

Let's get to the secret of a red carnation




Maybe our destiny is a red bud

Or a red carnation wind


Let's get to the mavera of science

Let's rewrite philosophy

Let's build a new world


Let's set a table in the morning sun

Let's sit at the table with freedom, equality, justice

And let's set all the excitement free


Let's establish the meaning of the universe

Let's recreate the colors


Let's find the cause of the sound

Let's build a sky on the horizon of the window


Existence into nothingness

Let's count nothingness into being


Let's burn our souls with the fire of truth

Let's wash our minds with the water of life


Let's burn turquoise folk songs in the evenings

And ignite the redbud hopes


Let's pin science on the swallow's wing

Let's make philosophy a companion to the clouds

And let's rewrite the poem


Let's glorify love

Let's open the heart to the heart

Let's shine the fiery light




Through the ages, truths are established

There is a secret passage to the poem


How many kings are killed

Babylon is still bleeding

How many times are houses destroyed?


Who builds these houses

And even countries


Who crowns these kings

Who erects these triumphal monuments


What do dockers expect in Spain

Which masters build the Great Wall of China?


In what violet times longing burns

Again, what hopes are there in the image of the poem?


Lambs with henna at Kabataş pier

There are Çanakkale lions at Sirkeci station


O Turkish youth, know that

It was the first fire of freedom that burned in Izmir

And the last war isn't over yet


Language is a vast sea

Whatever you say will come back to you.


What does Caesar's sword say?

Who conquers the fairy tale land of Atlantis

Who will defeat the Gauls


To whom do slaves pray in the howling sea

O Alexander who plundered India


To whom does King Philip of Spain shed secret tears?

His whole fleet goes to the bottom of the sea


King Frederik wins the seven years war

What victories do the books talk about


Who pays the price with his life and blood

Who feeds the armies?

Who pulls these chores


Here are the historical questions

Here are the facts

Here are the events


War criminal narcissistic kings

Evolution-deficient commanders

Anarchist people in the grip of nihilism




As if the Beethoven quartet will save you

Which justice writes Atita haris text

It's like Loti's chrysanthemum is protecting you


Noble angels in the lost symbols of darkness

Betrayal symbols exhibitionist emotions

What are basil shavings good for?


Kneeling person

Acts respectfully

Done on time

İs to keep your word

Waiting for his wife

Knows loyalty


İs fair

Who does not know these virtues

Not even an animal


Let's make one last wish, my friends.

Let's pray for the mountain stone before God

To the forest, to the animals and to the water

After that people

Then to our next-door neighbor

And to the needy

And if it stays let's ask ourselves last


Let's stop towards Cybele

Isn't life a never ending symphony?


Marx and Engels laid the philosophical foundations

Lenin lit the first spark

Mustafa Kemal wrote a symphony with revolutions

Both Castro and Che were the continuation of the endless symphony



I hope you will overcome this dimension.

Children first

And their kites

Then the blossoms


You will save


Don't forget you boy

There is no other savior but you

Every child is an Atatürk in us

Every child can be a Che

Or a Castro

This is our revolution

And such is the revolution in Cuba

And this is how the revolution in the world Will be


Will these dog bites be our last?

Or will humanity save its destiny?


Translation By: Mr. Yusuf Kenan Üçer...



ADIL BAŞOĞUL was born in Inece, Kırklareli, the city of happy people. Graduated from Kırklareli Atatürk High School. Graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Literature, Department of Philosophy. He worked as a journalist for the newspaper Günaydın for 4 years in Istanbul. His poetry books: LYRICALS - SYMPHONOICS - THOSE IN THE HEARTS IN THE HEARTS - YUNUS GÖLÜM - INNOVATIVE LOVES – SEPARATIONS.

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