Friday, December 1, 2017




I have become air
In order to follow you,
I have taken many forms
To dress up your days.
Now I am the breeze
Blowing on the grass,
The sunrise and the sunset
And the scent of flowers.
I am the light
That resonates in the mind
And the fear that has vanquished death.
You will see me in rainbows
And in a thousand dove flights,
In drops of a pure fountainhead
Covering my land with pearls.
You will look at yourself in the mirror
And you will see me on your lips,
I will light up the smile
Of the Black Sun
That now lives in you.


Your heart
Is sewn to mine
As the skin
Combining the chests
Opened in the fury
Of a fleeting hug,
As silent and vibrant
Which eternal touch
Their nakedness.

Your heart
Is sewn to mine
With the intrepid wire
Of the words
That arise from singing
Of hidden souls
And populate dreams
And skies of life.

Your heart
Is sewn to mine,
Palpitating blood
Exploding into the eyes,
In our hands
And only we
Know why.


... And the moon says
Of kisses along walls
And naked and real bodies,
Of embracing the light
And destinies through the foliage,
Of lives already carved,
But shocked by the
Milky and packed waves,
Of love at the window.

... And the moon says
Of storms on the back
And sides such as bows,
Of elegant violins
And the heat of the night,
Of the red of the sorrows
And glowing eyes,
Of hidden toasts
When everything around is peace.

... And the moon says
Of the wind between fingers
And intense and strong hands,
Of words on the lips
Painted in the old rooms,
Of us, fragile souls
Doomed to silence,
Eternal more than gold,
Shining in the unsuspecting world.


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  1. Dear Poet Elizabeth. Your words flow with ease, of love, and "one-ness of nature, as we too are a part of. I love the sadness and beauty of a soul in nature that is in," A Thousand Forms". Also, In "And The Moon Says..." my favorite lines are: "Painted in the old rooms, of us, fragile souls, Doomed to silence..." I much admire your work. Where are you from?