Friday, January 1, 2021






Fascinating winter

Winter as there is a veil

that envelops everything,

makes suggestive, appealing, mysterious and profound,

not just the sky and the flowing waters,

but also the cold,

from which you seem to feel away, as the lover of a woman

who has not been able to conquer him,

although he has dreamed all his life ...

In the wind of fear,

which fills the silence,

we cannot predict our own destinies;

a timely praise or greeting

brings however little pleasure.

We struggle to leave our mark

in oxygenated air,

which lies in the interior of the sky. The sweet taste of life

is left to me inside an empty box of chocolates,

enjoyed decades ago.

I hope to perpetuate my impressions,

from memory filled to the brim.

Like opaque membrane

create a fairytale world

on the Sisyphean hope ...





Don't be silent!


Freedom and progress were not born of silence - Hillary Clinton


Why do not you talk?!

Don't be silent, man!

On the roads of the world without any harbors, do not roam!

Do not be silent, immersed in the abyss of silence,

Without saying a word!

Don't let the darkness kill the light!

So I don't even know,

If you are dead or alive ?!

In the pond of the soul, the sky breaks like glass!

Throw away the heavy cross that holds on your back!

But do not forsake any hope!

Because even the twilight of visions

The dream of sleeping does not wake up!

Get the word out, scream!

Don't hold it in chains, handcuffed! ...

The Word keeps you alive, man!






My land!

Have said that here

It's sweeter clay,

That honey…

But have not said that

Hopes are lost too

as in the Bermuda Triangle,

across the stations,

waiting to convey the pain,

full of departures, farewells ...

My land,

where people's eyesight is broken

and loose it with hopes,

in a mystery.

Only the idea of abandonment remains,

because people cannot survive,

on such small salaries,

in this deep crisis.

The seasons go away repentant!

Maybe they too are looking for better luck,

a place where they can find spiritual rest,

a place where people live to hope!



KOZETA ZAVALANI was born in Korça, and lives in Tirana. She feels obliged to highlight the values ​​of women, as creators of humanity and through her, of life as a whole, writing in terms of sacrifice as a creative mother, "stealing" hours of sleep, to radiate in the face of harsh challenges, that constitute the balance of society. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tirana in 1982 and in 1985, specialized in journalism. She has worked at the Albanian Public Television and is now the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine "Season for Change" of the association "Family and Media - Power for Change", which she directs. He holds a Master's degree in literature, journalism, human rights and leadership. As "Ambassador for Peace" and "Women of the World - 2007" she has won the "Special Award" for literary creativity with a high artistic level, bringing extraordinary and lasting value in the field of poetry. The Olympus and Demeter Poetry Prize at the First Mediterranean Poetry Festival and the Certificate of Merit at the 22nd World Congress of Poets in Greece and Romania. She is the author of volumes 1 and 2 of the books “Women Who have inspired me" in Albanian and English. In 2005 she published the volume “Halfworld" in English. In 2007 the volume "Gjysmëbota" in Albanian, as well as the bulletin "Human Rights ". In 2010 the volume of poetry "Migratory "and In 2012 she published the volume of poetry "Gate of the Soul" translated into seven languages: English, Italian, Macedonian, Romanian, Turkish and Greek. In 2014 she published the novel "Anxiety" and the publication "Female Breathing" In 2015 the Book of Poetry “Women” - “Grua.” In 2016 the poetic book “Rizgjimi” In 2018 the novel “90+” and in 2020 the poetic volume “Jetoj-I live!” Her poems have been awarded prizes at home and abroad, as a participant in many festivals and television shows for the media, poetry and increasing the participation of women in political and social life.

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