Friday, January 1, 2021





Between Violets, And Lavender, Meanders Love...


What whisperings between the violet blooms

And, the breeze that just hugged the lris garden

Scents of love, and opaque lust

Exuded in mauve, from the unheard humming of her heart

As she walked nonchalantly under the Jacaranda canopy...


Following the trail, she stumbled upon Periwinkles

Each blushed on her behalf, and her cheeks turned Mulberry

Amethyst feathers drifted in the wind

Gently brushing her dreamy eyes...


Pigments of love glowed in wine hues

Flowing as music notes from cupid-smitten hearts

A bite into the Plum-sweet memories

Wrapped her soul in Orchid garlands...


Soul-perfuming Lavender, wafted through the air

As she reached the intoxicating part of the Earth

There He was, with a disarming smile

Waiting to welcome His forest flower...


As she held her arms, with joyfully welled up eyes

The clouds grew darker

Silvery rain, showered upon her soul

That could not wash away the color

As her heart blushed...



Not Gently, Not Merrily...

(Heart of a boat...)


Drunk on the golden light

The water lilting, and still, alternatively

Gently rocks the drowsy boat

That weighs with memories of old driftings, and sailings

Is it waiting, for the oars to quill the waters

Or chose to rest, unburden its heart

Before the next shore intimidates...


Mysterious blue, oozes from the Sky

Blanketing the soliloquy of the dreamy wooden curve...

Is there someone to pause, and listen

Hear the whispers and hushed sighs?!

Does a boat, not have a heart?

Were all the rivers of yesterday, crossed without aches?


Are all the boats, made to sail?

Aren't some wishing to dream, drift and rest near a placid lake

Looking at the starlit skies, or the lighthouse

That speak to the waves, and faraway ships

Allow the boatman to lean upon its shoulder

As he tells stories of his voyages

Not complaining - the boat is reluctant towards the water...


Just because it is made as a boat

It sails, as destiny rows - not gently or merrily

wounds are hidden in the water's depth

Floods and drought are the same

To an unhealed boat...



Will You?!...


Walk with me, will you

Holding hands, we shall

Make some nectarous memories

Through honeyed conversations

Under the luminous canopy of dreams

Our eyes would glow in joy

Stopping at every blade of grass, and

Rain-clothed petals, smelling of Petrichor

While the raindrops carry the scents of gardens

As we kiss the butterfly, we feel the breeze

On its orange-wafer wings

Our souls absorb the Sun, the sea

The Moon and the mountains


We shall walk into eternity...

Carrying all the moments in our hearts

Whispering love for each other

My dear darling Camera!





Evening melts into the night’s arms

Rain dripping from the fading shades of crimson and orange Sky

She nonchalantly walks under the silver verse

Drenched skin, yet soul aflame…

If eyes could be the matchstick

For the bonfire in the hearts

His soft kisses planted

On her dream-laden eyes

Are the firewood!

Rhythm of the unspoken words

Heard in a wordless gentle hug

That feels like a promise of love…

The more their eyes converse

The higher the bonfire grows

They sculpt love in silence...

Perfumed raindrops

Of musk sandal lavender

Shower upon their smiles, washing away the tears…

As the golden dawn crackles

From the Kohl’s womb

Their sozzled souls sail

Like paper boats

On a stream of honey…




MADHUMATHI. H: A bilingual poet-Writer (Tamil, English),  Madhumathi is an ardent lover of Nature, Poetry, Photography, and Music.  Madhumathi believes writing is a Metamorphosis, a soulful journey of weaving one's emotions and thoughts, having a kaleidoscopic view of life.  Madhumathi strongly believes in the therapeutic power of words, and loves to spread mental health awareness through writing, breaking the stigma, and takes part in related activities, too. Madhumathi's poems are published with the Poetry Society India in their AIPC anthologies 2015, 16, and 17, the multilingual anthology 'Poetic Prism' 2015(Tamil and English),  Chennai Poets' Circle's 'Efflorescence' 2018, 2019,  India Poetry Circle's 'Madras Hues Myriad Views'(2019) celebrating the spirit and glory of Madras, in the UGC approved e-journal Muse India, in IWJ-International Writers' Journal  and e- zines Storizen, Our Poetry Archive(OPA), Positive Vibes, and Science Shore.


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