Friday, January 1, 2021





Virtuosity Of The Virtual Poet


You are just a touch away

One touch of a finger one day


Through the screens or air

Particles, even on my wrist


I recorded the welcome song

To videoshow our creativity, great!


A performance of considerable virtuosity

in music or another artistic pursuit.


Fall from the heavens on the altar

Of the green blue globe in my fist


Holding my finger on your profile

Watching the never ending long list


Game of thrones around Riverdale

Androids and IP, on tabs, snapchat


Artificial intelligence can make or

break enigmas of minds and heart


The virtual reality is the real truth

Mental connections and the health


Care for the real world's problems

Use the power of poems on internet



The Sea Is Frozen


The sea is frozen

It's winter and it's time


But deep down there is life

There is warmth and oxygen


Love is present in the sea

Just like it is in the air


You can walk upon the sea

But if you dig deep you will see


The fish and the seaweed

All the creatures inside


Are living, it's business as usual

Weather has nothing to do with


Life, it only changes lifestyle

It's love for life that keep it going


It's slippery to walk upon the

frozen water and dangerous


but love for food keeps us

going near it. Sea is a reminder


Of the depth of the eyes of lover

Sea is a good place to love


A good example of love and

Poetry and how it should be!


The Purple Moon


The moon is purple

The sun is regal


Cherobous emerges

From the underworld


Three headed dog

Temptation belong


The world is naked

Wrapped in purple.


Cloth emerging from

the wreath of flowers.


One cycle to another.

The wheels of fortune


Turn in your favor

Refer to completion


and achievements.

Luna is silver with


Twelve shining rays

From its crown and


Eyes on the past

Going into future.


When you combine positive

With dark sides of negative


The wheels of fortune

Turn into your favor


What would be a life

Without love! Unified!


When you accept these

dualities, you build the unity


from which love flows.

The chariot tells us that


overcoming conflicts and

moving forward in a positive


direction. We need to keep

Moving and going forward


Through sheer hard work and

Commitment we will be victorious.


Water Dance


In love don't care if you are coming or reaching

Anywhere. The journey itself is worth exploring

The more you try to come out of love

The more it will drag you in it's depths



Paperus dresses of Barbie dolls are

Not guarantee to win anyone's heart


Everyone said Laila dark! For Majnu

She is the sunshine and moonlight!


I always wanted to go too far away

I got freezed in a moment in love!


I'm responsible for playing with fate

Manipulating the future and it's tone!


My blue-eyed muse I painted in grey

Strong strokes of its different shades


Resembling water dancing in the rain

Sunlight causing rainbow in every drop




NAILA HINA: A former Navy engineering University Instructor and an engineer and a manager in top notch firms, an internationally acclaimed award winning author and poetess from Karachi Pakistan. Her published books include " Bahisht e Char Saat."  Shadows of the Sun, Cosmic Dreams, Labor Of Love,  Hayat e Javedan, Life is Eternal, Fragrance Of A Cave Girl, Seventh book is Shajar e Muhabbat, Love on Limbo, Qafla Bahaar Ka, A Spanish Lulluby Un Lulluby Espanol Jardin Del Amor, Love can wait, Chains of happiness, Cagito Ergo Sum, etc Naila Hina is a friend of the world, best writer, columnist, best debator, singer and the C.E.O of World Press Agency Pakistan, APCESX business group, USA. Naila Hina is humanitarian and graceful. She holds basic degree in Mechanical Engineering with MBA and CMA. She is " Author Of The Year " nominee and " Literary Captain " at StoryMirror. Multitalented she has written poems and books since childhood. The multilingual poems by Naila Hina first published in Bahisht e char Saat, her first poetry book, then it's translations by her in other languages have been published in her other books including Shadows of the Sun, A Spanish Lulluby Un Lulluby Espanol and also in other international magazines.


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  1. Excellent and beautiful poetry! Keep it up.