Friday, January 1, 2021





Crazy Girl


First, The Sky woke up



As the sun breaks down on the water

The flowers rose and

Welcomed the day


The birds flew

To warm up

The sun is no lesser

In any season

Even in the middle of the winter

There are traces of summer


The day began



The city woke up

With the sound of machines


The footprints of

Tired crowds


There is a rush

Of a crazy girl on the streets


Read on the news


There are deaths, injured people




Those who forget to greet each other

On the streets of the city

People with cold faces

Quietly escaping from their pain


The sky woke up

The day began

A new day


A crazy girl on the streets

Helpless and fearless

Looking for smiling faces



Whereas flowers

Had greeted the morning

The sun had creeped into the day

No one noticed


Unkown Perpetrator 

(Faili Meçhul)


The big city

Trapped in four walls

The people

Escaped inwards

Fear descended on  their footprints


The children

Withdrew from the streets

Hide and seek

Was once a game

Now people are hiding and passing through the squares


Unkown perpetrators

Killing the unidentified loves


The big city


Not comfortable

Neither the birds

Nor the trees are in range

Life bearers

The more they got hit

The big city

The ruins in the hearts have increased


My Olive


In the shadow of the olive tree

I hid, I took shelter


Rain is missing

Yet in this season

The soil was moist enough

The tree grew as much as its roots

The God of fertility

Shades the branches  on my face


How old are you

On the soil you have hugged?

You have  past a century

Maybe we are the same age

My olive tree


My tiredness

Is like the marks on your body

We are growing old together


I made insence from your leaves

As the smoke rises into the sky

I mourned for your every age



I know that when I set you on fire

I hurt you

We burned together

On our land


God, send  your rain

Feed us with your fertility

It is time

The olive tree

Must turn green again

Olives on its branches again


We are waiting

With our roots beyond a century




One day hennaed

One day with your coal black hair

You were seriously wounded because of the war

While bullets are falling

To the narrow streets

Your door ajar

Blind bullet hit your pillow

You cried in long nights

If your tears were bullets

They wouldn't fall on your palms that fast

They closed the doors on you

They said it is your destiny to mourn

You felt the pain

It was forbidden for you to laugh


Most of them were in love with you

I used to watch you secretly through torn curtains sister Mukaddes

I too was in love with your fearless revolt against life


In your high heels

Walking down the street

You made hearts shiver

But it was forbidden to look at you

Just like you, we didn't obey the rules


We'd wait for the wind to lift your skirt

So we'd catch a glimpse of your cotton white legs even for a moment

Your smile was hitting the walls of your house

And pouring on the narrow streets of town

What a storm you were sister Mukaddes

You were given the name "whore"

No one had seen you cry

Everyone was jelaous of your laugh


You fell into my mind again

Words are racing on the tip of my tongue

How hard to explain your beautiful skin


Love was painful for your soul

You kept brewing in rebellion

Nine out of ten laughter were "whore"


The unfading rose of war

With thorns stuck in your soul sister Mukaddes

Sometimes you made love with memories

And sometimes cursed in pain

With your combative soul

You flew to freedom with broken wings


Oh sister Mukaddes, you came to the world at the wrong time

You should have come at the present time

Then you wouldn't be named as a whore

Short skirts are now fashionable


I haven't yet met anyone more beautiful

I still am in love with you



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