Friday, January 1, 2021




Sister To The Rain

I am sister to the rain

Dorothy Parker


The sky

is a tattered blanket.

The cliff’s edge

heralds rain

howling winds

blow all  their fury


I wander

through the iridescent paths

while farther up

uncaring clouds

veil the stars.

I breathe deeply

April’s cold solitude

drawing this rainy night

towards me




Let’s speak of our madness

Edith Sitwell


Extravagant unconventional

Queen of refined salons and beds

Tudor turbans

stylish gowns flowing

your dark eyes could strike the onlooker dead.


Altar on the move

you have been known

for your elegant poise

for those long and slender fingers

that display diamonds at toys.


The heavy art of conversation

you have disliked for a time so long a time

the emptiness of the banal

you despised as absurd convention


Let your brilliant voice

resonate high and proud today:

do meet your suitors’ bevy

just come with no delay!


November Sky


I love that sky of steel

Charlotte Brontë


Flocks of black crows


the winter sky

with ancient signs.

As an impalpable veil

the cold haze


the barren moor

and your eyes


get lost

into that

magic metallic




LIDIA CHIARELLI is one of the Charter Members of  Imagine & Poesia, the art literary Movement founded in Torino (Italy) in 2007 with Aeronwy Thomas, Dylan Thomas’ daughter. Installation artist and collagist. Coordinator of #DylanDay in Italy (Turin). She has become an award-winning poet since 2011 and she was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from The First International Poetry Festival of Swansea (U.K.) for her broadside poetry and art contribution. Five Pushcart Prize (USA) nominations. Her writing has been translated into different languages and published in Poetry magazines, and on web-sites in many countries.


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