Friday, January 1, 2021





X And Y


How many times do I have to die

To bring the past back to life?


X times.


How many times do I have to die

To forget the past?


Y times.


X and Y are converging to eternity. 




Колико пута треба да умрем

Да бих оживела прошлост?


X пута.


Колико пута треба да умрем

Да бих заборавила прошлост?


Y пута.


X иY конвергирају бесконачности.





You are just within my reach

My Apple


If I taste you


What will we do




На дохват си ми руке

Јабуко моја


Ако те окусим


Како ћемо


At The Table


I hate mineral water


But even so

I love apples


Let’s split it in half

Go ahead, take a bite



I am not Eve


I just wish

To seduce you




Мрзим киселу воду


Али зато

Волим јабуку


Поделимо је на пола

Хајде узми гриз



Нисам Ева


Само желим

Да те заведем



Rain In The Desert


I'm prone to making mistakes

When the rain falls on the sand


For a brief moment, the desert blooms


Unpredictable and wild

I manage to get into my shadow


Kiša u pustinji


Sklona sam greškama

U vreme dok kiša pada na pesak


Na kratko pustinja procveta


Nepredvidljiva i divlja

Uspevam da uđem u svoju senku




ISKRA PENEVA was born in 1980, in Belgrade (Serbia), where she works. A graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Belgrade, she has published poetry in national and foreign daily and literary magazines. Her work has been translated into various languages (English, Russian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Albanian, Swedish, Icelandic, Korean, Ukrainian, Polish, Slovene, Romanian, Azerbaijani, Hungarian, Italian) and has appeared in anthologies of Serbian and Macedonian literature. Iskra is the recipient of multiple awards and recognitions, and her most recent poetry collection Somewhere In-between received the international award for best poetry book in the Macedonian language at the 55th Struga Poetry Evenings (Macedonia) in 2016. In 2018 she won Croatia’s international award for the best unpublished poetry manuscript. In 2019 in Macedonia she won "Lingva" award for the translation and affirmation of Macedonian and Serbian literature, in 2020 in Italy she won the award for the best foreign author by the publishing house Volturnia edizioni and the same year an international award for poet journalist in Croatia. Collaborates with the magazine “Makedonska videlina”. Translates from Macedonian to Serbian and vice-versa. Member of the Association of Writers of Serbia and the Journalists’ Association of Serbia. Involved in visual art. Creates short musical/poetry movies in which she recites her verses to the accompaniment of music composed by professional musicians. These movies have been played at multi-disciplinary international festivals, literary festivals and exhibited in galleries. Since 2010, focuses more on photography. Her photographs have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in the country and abroad.


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