Friday, January 1, 2021





The Two Red Roses

(In a desolated garden)


We drove and drove

Up and down the hills and valleys

In the winding, swirling country

Looking for a proper spot

To take a little rest

With afternoon tea

We saw a house in ruins

In a desolated garden

Hedges, trees and bushes

All long-time growing wild

But through a leafy vault

A sunbeam shown right in

At two tall and proud red roses

Standing straight in the wilderness

I found a little green empty bottle

In a puddle I cleaned it up

Put it on our little table

Poured our tea in our homemade cups

So I say Thank you dear, for being

For being my wife

Love do really germinate

Through the darkest times in life

I say Thank you dear, for being

For being my love

My love is yours for always

For this life – for next life

And for every life to come!


The Sun And The Afternoon


I sat today – in the sunlit afternoon

In our beautiful autumn like garden

And thru my inner thoughts

My whole life did pass

Just like moving pictures

I’ve lived a very rich life

With unforgettable moments

But penetrating loneliness 

Sometimes shows its ugly face

I remember being little

All I wanted as a child

Was pure togetherness

With my parents - oh, so mild

I was given lots of toys

All wrapped up in loneliness

I was given all the love

In the way that they were able

But all I wished and longed for

Was togetherness and family

They said I was too sensitive

I know they both meant well

But loneliness has left its mask

And all my life – I’ve been a seeker

My vulnerable feelings

I hid behind a smile

Seek and thou shall find

It echoed in my mind

Well, I did and I did pray

From up above you came to me


You found my soul – my inner me

You made it rise unexpectedly

You’ve given me – unselfish love

Without second expectations

You are for me – my everything

Although words only makes it lesser

So I say just silently

Please accept my humble soul

You are now – my life at last

My love, my happiness – I cherish you

With all my heart – I give it all

What I can give – so it will last

At least a lifetime – and many more!


I Have Chosen Love


When the darkness was

As dark as darkest

When carbon felt like

Sinking through

When all of my beliefs

My truth just disappeared

What was left were only daily duties

Thoughts were swept in

An invisible cloak

When day was done

Loneliness was all around

I sat alone here on my porch

A very early cloudy morning

Saw the skyline and suddenly

Through a slot in the clouds

I saw the brightest light

And I heard an inner voice:

Light a candle and pray

You should pray for what

You really really wish

But you may only use one word

So I chose love

And she is here and now

She is here and now

For now and for always!



Two Pairs Of Shoes


Two pairs of shoes

That couldn’t find each other

Because the left one

Wandered off into the woods

And the right one

Wandered off to the beach

But finally one day

Both of them

Went the wrong way

And wandered and wandered

And searched for a straight way

When they finally

Came to a crossroad

Where they both again would meet

This way my life was like

I felt like a pair of odd shoes

I felt just like I was missing

Missing the other half

I wandered through life

Maybe jumping on one leg

Until I finally found

My other first half

My soulmate

My pair

So now

We’ll always wander off together


For ever the right way!


I Will Marry You


I will marry you

in all my future lives

For you have lit the stars

on my dusky path of life

A path full of stones

which I used to stumble

and fall upon

My eyes could see nothing

for the straight jacket of darkness

made me blind

Blind and unseeing

Unseeing what was good

in the one that had hurt me

so many times

Because of no reason

Just because – just because

I asked myself

so many times 

so many times

Oh, why?

Why this useless war?

Where did our peace go?

The one we loved so dearly

I asked myself these questions

over and over again

Although I knew

I would never get no answer

But then you

came into my life

Like a burning torch

With warmth and love

and kind words

of peace and comfort



And I will never

ever forget

When first I saw

the stars of hope

light up

I saw them

in your eyes!

Suddenly my road of life

became lighter - lighter

Easier to bare

Suddenly I felt love

Love in full bloom

All around me


Your peace swept me

in its comfort

Your power of love

Your strength

Your peaceful heart

Reflected in me

Comfort and security

And now I know

No matter how

The day our bodies

and our souls

no longer dwell

upon this solid earth

We will for sure have peace

Peace and love in our hearts

So, Yes! I will marry you

in all my future lives

For you have

for ever more

Lit the stars for me!



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