Friday, January 1, 2021




Her Loving Pappa ..

She is father's princes

Toes being trimmed and painted by the father

So carefully not to hurt her

She is finding it funny

Why mamma not doing it

Yes I know

She is going out with friends leaving me with pappa

Her twinkling eyes speak

The love she has for him

He takes care of all her needs

He bathes her

He clothes her

He makes her wear shoes

He dusts her with powder

Sweet smelling, she is now

All ready to go with her pappa to the zoo

Carrying tasty burger

He made for her

She is taking bananas to feed the elephants and nuts for the monkies

She is hurrying pappa

Get ready fast

I am in a hurry to

Reach the zoo !

(C) sarala Balachandran



My Midnight Walk .... 

When I was awake at the midnight

I was blue and had no clue what

I would do at this hour of the night

I went outside pacing on the road which was dark and lonely

Dogs barking everywhere

A feeling of fear gripped me tightening my hearts strings

A melody started playing I could hear from a far far away place

Cry of the lonely souls disturbing my heart n soul

I sat down on a bench nearby thoughts wandering here and there

Why there is so much loneliness when the world is filled with people of different kinds

Ah! I got the answer which struck my mind like a thunderbolt

There is one word lacking in life no love among people exists

All have turned greedy and selfish

I looked up at the sky and saw a shooting star and made a wish that the world be at peace and let there be daily bread for everyone, and there is no war to destroy the world, nothing much I ask for!

I felt happy I made a wish when I saw the shooting star and walked home and slept till, I saw the sunrays peeping

through my heart’s window !

CopyrightSarala Balachandran



Oh Life  .. 

As a child is born

It cries feebly

Oh, I have come to this mundane world

And I have to toil whole life

Again, a feeble cry!

As the child reaches two

He or she is pushed and dumped

To play school

The child doesn't want to go to school

Wants to be with parents

It cries and throws tantrums

But the parents can’t be bothered

He or she reaches class one

There goes the tuitions and shouting

Come first in class otherwise no chocolates!

He sits and studies day and night

Just to please his parents

Then comes college

He is asked not to look at any girls

When he wants to date his sweetheart

He becomes adamant and difficult

To control

He looks for a job to get married to his sweetheart

She drives him nuts

Your earnings are not enough

to manage the home with fire in her eyes when he wishes to go out

On a holiday to the beautiful shore

Hesitatingly she agrees with a grumpy face but followed him with half heart!

Oh life! Take life easy and go slow

And enjoy the nature's bounty

Freely gifted to us by God!


Copyright Sarala Balachandran


 SARALA BALACHANDRAN residing in Kolkata West Bengal India with her family.  She is a free-lance free verse writer. Her poems have been published in national and international anthologies. Contributing poet to Different Truths.

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