Friday, December 1, 2023



Desert Of Solitude


If your image

was still enclosed

in my eyes

and your hands caressed me

and your lips had

touched mine,

today, I could try to forget you in solitude.

But this love has always been perpetually in shadow,

like rays hidden behind lonely clouds.

It has always been lived at a distance,

as far as the valley is from the top of a mountain.

If your mocking smile

had been stuck

in my most significant memories,

today, I would have one more reason

to try to forget you.

Instead, I continue to sublimate and love you,

like a flower born

in this desert of solitude

which has become my heart.


A Flower In Solitude


A new flower has blossomed

between the cracks of the arid concrete,

far from the beautiful gardens.

It is a bud put on by a plant with strong roots.

It, resigned, timidly lowers the corolla

under the roar of the tumultuous storms.

It trembles with its tender leaves,

for the breath of the furious wind.

It flexes on itself, but resists.

He knows that he will shine again,

thanks to that precious and illuminating ray of hope,

above all the bad weather

that life has never spared him and in perfect solitude.


Veil Of Melancholy Solitude


A new dawn

faces the horizon.

Now, it envelops me

that veil of melancholy

loneliness that never leaves me.

A state of sadness

mixed with pain

pushes me into a tunnel

of boundless silence.

In this silent and melancholic ravine

I relegate all my disheartening thoughts,

my expectations betrayed,

the bitter nesses, the fears,

the anguish that upset me since

deep in my heart.

So, dejected,

I slowly let myself be carried away

by those waves of life.

Moments that drag me towards oblivion,

where the light of a new breath of hope

can still be seen in the distance.




CONCETTA LA PLACA: The author, Concetta la Placa, was born in Caltanissetta in Sicily on 07/30/1960 and lives in Rome. From an early age she has always shown that she has a creative nature. She holds a degree in administration and management of social policies. She loves literature and poetry in general. She is passionate about reading and creative writing. In December 2020 her first collection of poems was published, entitled "Cosmic Love and Emotions in the Wind". It is a collection of 55 poems, all linked by a single common thread: Cosmic Love, which is love for the little things that surround us in this immensity and love for simplicity, enriched only by pure emotions and true feelings. The author has published several poems in numerous national and international anthologies of various authors and various contests to which she has contributed with her participation. The list of publications would be a bit long and is therefore omitted.


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