Friday, December 1, 2023



We Have Learned


We have learned

To live together

 We have learned

To divide the rooms

To divide the housework

 We have learned to divide

The hours, the night

 And the day-by-day

 We have learned to divide

Words and silences

 We have learned to eat together

And to swallow the loneliness



We have learned

To divided ourselves

A bit to each other

And the most-

Each one for


(C) Shulamit Sapir-Nevo




Sometimes a person

Gets off at a station

Where there are no words


Not even himself

He becomes

An invisible wind

That no one can feel


And sometimes

He stops


For love.

(C) Shulamit Sapir-Nevo


Two Streets From Here


wo streets from here

It was winter

And you came in

You abandoned Yourself

In my arms

Like the pounding rain

Exploding your loneliness.

And you sought shelter in me

In those moments

You would have been prepared

To cry and to leave,

Knowing that this is

As close as it gets

And yet you cannot


(C) Shulamit Sapir -Nevo




SHULAMIT SAPIR-NEVO, Israel. Is a writer, a poet and the CEO of OURBOOX She has published several books of poetry, in Hebrew, English, Arabic, Greek, and one novel. Many of her original poems in Hebrew and other poems that were translated into English, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, and Arabic were published in international newspapers and websites. She has received several awards for her achievements in poetry She is a member of the “Israeli Writers Society"



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