Friday, December 1, 2023



In My Solitude


Silence spread the wings to my mind,

Striking for the gentle, striking for the kind.

In solitude, I might find my answers

Or at least I’ll know I took my share of chances.


I leave all the noises and words behind,

Silence is all I know, my eyes go blind,

In that stillness of the world,

I connect with my inner self,

Seek my part in this world, protect myself.

Gone with the rainbow in the silence of the day

Found in a place that is distant - far away.

And I, in my solitude, do rejoice

As I take comfort in that inner voice.


I Am Alone


I'm as transparent as the sun's first rays

I’m alone and lonely are my days

It seems like no one's aware of me

I’m alone, in spite of love, don’t you see?


In spite of all the beautiful and sweet words

I hear only the melodious sound of the birds.

In my solitude, I’m sometimes afraid

to shut the light, shut the shade.


Am I a feeble ghost tumbling in a gust

or the Phoenix which rises from ashes and dust?!

I'm as hidden as a grain of sand

I am alone without the one I love, far at hand.


Let Me Live


Solitude has its own strange beauty to it

I wouldn't change the quietude one bit.

I live in a world that is starving for silence,

starving for a life without ideals or violence.


Therefore, I chose this soul’s holiday

and every calmness coming my way.

There is a nice comfort in being alone,

in that free space, my mind has grown.


In solitude, I always find my own core

Searching for my inner peace, looking for.

So, let me live and die, unseen, unknown!

Let me live my life all alone!




FROSINA TASEVSKA was born in the Republic of North Macedonia. She is a bilingual poet and writer. She writes in English and Macedonian languages. She has authored two solo poetry collections. She is an active member of various literary and creative platforms. Her writings are part of several national and international magazines, newspapers, journals, and anthologies. She has won many awards for her write-ups. She holds the degrees of B.Ed. (English) and currently, works as an educator.



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