Friday, December 1, 2023



The Pretty Bird


I watch a pretty bird sitting

On a branch alone in the day

It is singing a sweet song and

Seems to be in a mood so gay


It has feathers blue and red

There is a tinge of yellow too

It has a beak small and sharp

Eyes are clear beads of dew


It sings a song so touching

Seems the song is about love

Have it in your heart and share

God will bless you from above


I wish the bird not to fly away

Leaving me there alone and sad

It hops from branch to branch

Chirping, life after all is not so bad


When I Go To The Valley


I go to the valley

To breathe the essence of the breeze

I watch birds flying up

From the twisted boughs of the trees


I sit there for hours

In the cushion of soft and green grass

From the riverside comes

Floating in the air sweet song of a lass


At the far end of valley

The mountains stand like old sages

I watch them glow as the

Sunlight grazes the slopes and wedges


Dew drops roll down

From leaves like tear drops from eye

I feel being loved as over

Me as a chunk of cloud slowly passes by


This is the place where

My soul lives and my dreams come true

Its raw ethereal beauty

Paints my heart with love’s absorbing hue




The world moves like a boat,

In the placid water of the lake;

I watch it sitting upon a stone,

When the spring wakes me up


The universe is in deep slumber

I measure the ends with dreams

I jump from star to star like a

Frog bathing in the cosmic ray


I am not alone now feeling

The pulse of the night, when

The moon is reflected like a

Shining disc in the icy water;


After someday I will melt away,

Like a drop of dew, leaving not

A trace for you to recollect the

Proximity we are having now.



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