Friday, December 1, 2023



I Sat Beneath A Bodhi Tree


I sat beneath a huge tree

its shape and size shaded me

as if I were its seedling

in search of nourishment

as if I were the sapling in search of light

as if I were somehow its penultimate circle

spiralling out of control, left to fulfil its last rites

entombed, enclosed, embalm-up in eternal night

waiting for it to make space for me;

look, child, at the leaf of a Bodhi tree

look at its veins it to be, another tree

yes, I sat beneath a Bodhi tree

as does it somewhere, shaded sits inside of me

yes, just another- seedling in search of nourishment.


The Lovers Fall


I am the leaves of a tree

I am Aspen whispering about you

because I've nothing better to do

I spread my gold-dappled leaves over you

and take root under you, and ask you

are you the sun - are you the sky?

Are you the ocean - are you the moon?

Because I've been searching for you

I've spread my leaves to the four winds.

And found my resting place beside you.


The Larvae Of Humankind


Honeycomb together

but each separately confined,

we are the larvae of humankind, in solitude

we grow, we fatten all our reserves

and ever greedily,

we seek more than our 'just deserts.'

It is only when we leave this hive

and head to look for desert flowers,

one single flower above all.

Do we understand the processes?

Of what goes into making honey,

it-is-only when we have tasted

all the dried-out rancid earth,

do we envy the seed about to sprout?

About to once again grow, flower giving birth.




MARK ANDREW HEATHCOTE is adult learning difficulties support worker. He has poems published in journals, magazines, and anthologies both online and in print. He resides in the UK and is from Manchester. Mark is the author of “In Perpetuity” and “Back on Earth,” two books of poems published by Creative Talents Unleashed.

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