Friday, December 1, 2023







Ourselves as mirrors

of existence

echoes of lives dwelling

a timeless existence

not really aware

of the miniscule self

each one a world

by itself

spinning with own

heart as a sun,

own vulnerability elapsing

towards others

and a certain blindness tied

to the self prevails

while others don't even

         breath enough

to see the sunflowers

get so yellow

under blue skies!


Rhythms of denials

            beating stronger

                           than faith.




Life is an infinite whisper

one must dare to grasp

unescapable destiny

written on the walls of time

flowing always towards the wind

to enlighten thy soul

stepping over the ground

- again and ever -

expected passage

to rebuild a dream

begin yet another journey

by walking over own shadows

seeking the light of another horizon

and finally, surrender

nested in the mystery

within a heartbeat

as if nothing else matters,

just the feeling

beneath the skin.




These insomniac days wandering on the trench

aromatizing ephemeral visions

essences exhausted by the breath of the wind

the tattered blush of the red garden roses

wishes rusting over the eyes

and the frayed voices

pulsing minutes in my hands

whirlwind of images circulating fast

dispersion (against the clock)

of the mind’s books

and behind the walls I still hear

the echo of old songs

streaming from the jukebox

filling the wine glass

with poetry,

                 all shattered!


I see your shadows slithering

under the lintel of the door

always tied to my incandescent skin

and the sea that takes everything away


but here where the days doze

there isn’t forgetfulness

or any resignation

just heaps of salt to heal

so many wounds.




LUZ MARÍA LÓPEZ (Puerto Rico). Bilingual author. Awarded. Anthologist, editor, prologist, translator, lecturer and promoter. Her poetry is translated to 15 languages and featured in books of selected authors, literary magazines, quarterly journals, anthologies and personal collections. World traveler learning about different cultures and perspectives of life and wisdom.


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