Friday, December 1, 2023



Solitude Of Tranquilty


This solitude of mine is tranquil, peaceful and calm.

I sit under the tendrils of a weeping willow tree.

Reflected in the cool waters, I watch the clouds swim by…

…and dragonfly fly.

I hear the unheard sounds of peace and in my silence, live this moment…

with no expectations,

no remorse.

Just trusting,

This process, where the water lilies gaze up at the sun.

This solitude is the tranquility.

This faith is the healing.



My tiny human heart

holds in its fist…

oceans of grief.

A solitude of rawness,

A turmoil of yesterday’s battles.

Hurricanes that blow cold on lonely days

Am a weary soul with trembling hands,

With demons of rejections

Eyes lost, dry, deep, desolate.

Vacant eyes without tears.

I feel the fumble of uncertainty,

I feel the waiting and the emptiness,

Fee unworthy,

Not loved,

Not needed,

Waiting in solitude,

for an endless grace…

…and the company of love.

A Dark Room


A dark room on a rain-soaked day,

Waiting for the light to stream in…

A gold ray…

Perhaps from a stray

Dark cloud…

A curtain parting the storm.

Fragments of beauty filter through.

A sudden vibrance in solitude…

A surprise…

Conquering the darkness.

A gift in my solitude,

A breakthrough,

A dawn…

Injury healed.

I choose solitude,

The isolation of a soul…

In a molten gold

of sufficiency.




KETAKI MAZUMDAR has received a number of accolades for her latest book Woodsmoke and Embers. She was judged no.23 amongst the “Top 50 Most Influential Authors of 2021” by Delhiwire. She was honoured as “Poet of the Year 2022”, by Ukiyoto Publishing. She was awarded “The Creative Author” by Maharishi Vedvyas International Award for Books, by Poiesisonline. She has won the “Indian Women Achievers Award” and the “Best Poetry Book (English)” from Asian Literary Society at their 5th Lit Fest 2023. An educationist and a National Awardee, her poems have immense depth and soul. She writes on life, love, nature, women, mysticism and weaves a tapestry of India, in her book.


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