Friday, December 1, 2023



Dear Solitude


Dear Solitude, I am writing this letter to you

To let you know how dear you are to me.

For you I can hear the song of birds

For you I can hear the susurration of the sea,

The rustle of the leaves and the whisper of the breeze.

And the flowers swaying with the buzzing bee.


Dear Solitude, I am writing this letter to you

To let you know how you have given me many a golden chance.

To understand the goodness of others.

To notice a loved one’s loving glance,

The sunrays dazzling on the grass lawns

And the lilies blooming and dancing a happy dance.


Dear Solitude, I am writing this letter to you

To let you know how you have helped me to gage the climate

To observe and analyse situations and happenings

Then let them be expressed in many lines or a couplet.

Enjoy the beauty of nature and of hearts

How you have helped me be a poet.


Silent Steps


So many times you came to me

I could not hear your silent steps.

Helped me overcome obstacles

But nowhere could I see you.

When I was fearful you allayed my fear

I did not realise it was you.

You helped me solve problems smoothly

The poor me, I thought it was me who solved.

All doubts clouding my mind was cleared by you

Still I didn’t hear your silent steps.

Dilemmas confused me, you were there to clarify

Without showing your dazzling self.

Quarrels devastated me you were there to pacify

But I didn’t know you were there beside me.

When in solitude, peace and calm all around

At last I could hear your silent steps.


With Nature


There in the midst of trees and flowers.

The sparkling lake all around.

The water as green as emerald.

Crowed but peace I found.


The waterfalls falling with splendor.

The spray spreading a mist.

The wonder of nature enwrapping me.

The dazzling beauty for the eyes a feast.


There in the midst of reeds in the lake.

The beautiful gurgling sound.

So many birds chirping in the trees.

In the lap of nature solitude I found.




Dr. PARAMITA MUKHERJEE MULLICK is a scientist, an award-winning poet, editor and a literary curator. She lives in Mumbai, India. Her poems have been translated into 41 languages and also been widely published. Her tenth book is to be released soon. Paramita heads two literary forums.

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