Friday, December 1, 2023




Staying Brave Alone


It is so hard to breathe sometimes.

The loneliness stick on my troat.

I feel the steps of ants sometimes,

so hard to spread abroad.


It is so thoughtful in the light,

the solitude is misery of heart.

It is like darkest night,

so brave to live and fight.


Solitude Of The Soul


She walks on iron and needles.

She goes towards the gaze of stars.

Life offers her lonely minutes,

she looks through the lonesome hearts.

So many people surrounded her,

so many empty moments of talks.

She opens her mouth to smile,

but river of people floats by.




Being solitaire is like a penalty,

the playing cards are hurting.

All the lights in the world

cannot transform

the solitude into the joy.

But often music can be

the perfect company.

Solitaire does not mean unhappy!


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