Friday, December 1, 2023




Solitude 1


I can’t lock myself in this room

Forever; I shall go mad.

Yesterday, I sat quietly by the sea, watched those

Waves roll endlessly as though

Monotony pervaded the world,

Filled it up with peace.


Then night came.

Darkness was not lonely though

It appeared painted in black.

The black too had many shades, and

Sounds of lust and pain were

Studded like pitch black

Gems that cut

Through skin.


There are too many

Things in the world --

Too much drama and too

Much hate.


I want to disappear from

All the cacophony,

Listen only to

The lilting tune of birds, watch the

Leaves bejewel

The ground in an island far away, and find

Life in

Solitude, until the

Darkness leaves.


Solitude 2


I can’t believe they killed them all!

But the bodies lie about

Like mangled little things

That only mock.


This place is totally silent --

Made of mud and dirt

Filled with splattered blood.


There’s no solitude in

This silence.

There are too many people in none --

Too much hate

And too many words,

Screams that do not die, but


Inside the head.


Do I hate mankind?

Am I scared of man?

Does peace reside

In a place away,

Where the blood has dried and has,

In the incessant rain, washed away,

And where I can

Heal in solitude?


Solitude 3


Up here on the mountain

Only the eagles stare, and the

Evergreens sway, as though they simply

Watch, and mind their own




The people in the town

Never cease.

They all have their opinions, grievances:

The other one is wrong, and they each know

The truth.  I am never good,

The complements are fake, and

I know that they are lying.


Life is indeed a rat race, except that

Here, the birds don’t really care.

They let me sit


And watch the sun.




FARIEL SHAFEE is from Dhaka, Bangladesh.  However, she has spent her life in many different cultures and considers herself to be a global citizen.  She loves to write and paint.  Her writing credits and her art portfolio can be seen on her website:

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