Friday, December 1, 2023



The Abyss Of The Night


above me

time passes

I drop my thoughts

has the bottom of a well

called the universe

breath reflects light

somewhere inside me

tail of longing

moves the trajectory of the soul

I'm drifting

my finger

in your hands

a minute of silence

in a kiss

the sky is blooming

I fall asleep


The Mill


I smelled flour

flowers with the leaven of anxiety

 the lightness of being of the grass

charming white

she seduced my curiosity

 in an empty mill I saw

as the wind plays cards

with the ghosts of millers


they rise like in a temple

plowed windmill hands

for a prayer for the peace of the grain

which is going to a meeting

with the white creator's scythe


Flavors Of Summer


it smelled of the orient

poured into to the bottle of summer

colorful cloud stones

painted with lilys sun

rushes' loose hair

transparent hands

they are fishing for a would-be moon

into the eyes net

love overflows

fluff of duck feathers

last image of the day

exposes his face to the sun

freckled moon

he squirms on the throne of heaven

who will you bow to?


Kama And Sutra


the experiment of their hands

 moved heaven and earth

they waved like a forest awakened

by the caress of the sun

free as birds without promises

they breathed a breath of poetry

 into the mystical space of Khajuraho sculptures

her lotus flower opens the cosmos

when his wings

embrace her fullness

agape ascends to the stars

the skin of the sky is cracking

from God Indra's thunderbolt

the rain washes the intimate geometry of bodies

at the vernissage for the seekers

the nirvana of souls




IZABELA MONIKA BILL: is a Wroclaw poet, prose writer, actress, author of collages, artistic photos, she sketches with a pencil, paints with oil and watercolor, the creator cherishes the erotic of automotive. She has published 9 volumes of poetry: " The Sexapil of the soul" 2011, "The Chameleons" 2012, “The Art of Eating Apples" 2013, " The Poetry Travels" 2014, "Erotic automotive” 2015, “The Space” 2017, “The Clippings” 2018. "I track traces of dreams" 2019, " The Read to the moon" 2021. As an actress, she played in the series: "Why Me", "Hard Cases", "Detectives in Action", "112 to the Rescue", "The Day That Changed My Life" 70A. She is a laureate of the photo competition "Glass trails of Wroclaw". She is the Master of the Love Pen 2018 in Salon of Three Muses. In 2015 she has been published in the anthology "Polish Poets of the 21st Century". In 2021 she received the "Meritorious for Polish Culture" award.



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