Friday, December 1, 2023



The Unwritten Verses


Unwritten, unspoken, forgotten

what does it matter,

in the poetic laboratory,

test tubes combining and separating the words,

While I cleaned the latest unfinished experiments

waiting for the creation of unknown colors.

I asked the sky to grab the rainbow

and give it to the people to light up the night.


...I travel far into the past

the unwritten verses

like a forgotten package

in the old mailbox,

I come back to get them.


Nocturnal Verses


The long night gathers the veil under its knees

and awake we sit,

amidst the surreal darkness as we were talking in silence for years,

fears have changed

Gogol disappeared with childhood.


Black "widows" weave the fabric by night and hide by day

as in the play of shadow and light,

while the scorpions dryly tap their fingers to the absurd rhythm

the brain goes numb.


I keep counting the seconds in the "furious" game of the impossible

fears for us adults turn into anxiety.


Eyelids drooping leaving Nyx outside

I don't like duels, nor defeats,

an invisible lamp burns within me

to guide my nocturnal journey.




 I close my eyes and watch

 In me, I am alone

 Me and nobody.

 I feel my cry in the highest octaves

 The vacuum that empties my blood vessels

 And I'm dying little by little.

 It's cold, everything is frozen

 But I don't feel anything, I even stay calm

 Even the eyes in their sockets no longer move.

 I'm afraid to open them

 And if they open, I'm afraid,

 Maybe my soul is gone.

 And, I come back to life alone...


Translated Into English By Alba Xhava -France




MIRELA LEKA XHAVA (Albanian – French) She was born in the city of Elbasan, Albania.  She was passionate about literature since childhood, being published from time to time in various magazines and newspapers. She  graduated in Albanian Language and Literature at "Aleksander Xhuvani" Elbasan University.  Until 2002, before immigrating to France, she worked as a librarian at the city's University Library, where she was also a member of the League of Writers of Elbasan. Her poems have been published in prestigious magazines and newspapers in Albania, Kosovo, England, Canada, USA, Belgium, Bangladesh, India, Tunisia, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Dominican Republic, Holland as well as in France, on French online literary sites, etc… She is active in literary salons and fairs in France, as well as contemporary literature, where she won the "Diplôme d'Honneur at the 24th Printemps des Poètes -Sartrouville France". She has been published regularly in the literary magazine Poètes Sans Frontières "Florilège" - Dijon, in the Canadian Anthology of Literary Poetry in defense of children "Ethics and Global Education", the International Anthology of Poets for Peace - Tunisia, in the Anthology "Paris Window" volume 2  Poetry, in the Anthology "Confessions" India, in the Anthology of Atunis Galaxy Poetry-Belgium and was a finalist of the Mediterranean Poetry Festival-Rome 2022 and participates in literary competitions. Literary works: « I don't want Winter in my eyes » (poems) 1999 "Les fleurs de la rue Montesquieu" (Flowers of Montesquieu street) - Publishing house "ADA" Tirana 2022 in Albanian-French. She is now working on the latest book of the poetry series. Currently lives with her family in Bordeaux, France.


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