Friday, December 1, 2023



She Remained Standing


Is it just me wounded and unable to fly? The rough of the wind blows, pushing me anywhere along.


The sky is dark as I weep all the pain I've made on the fence.

My ground slips under,

and sinks in tears.


The hope absconds engulfed in fear.

I have never felt relief, even the night comes unasked and gathered only what I abhor.

Confined behind grills, a suffocating surface of the table inside the cell with my mementos on it.


Time is deaf to please you for the blurred vision you've taken.

The faith in your heart vacillates, and comes misery in toe.


But, He came.


"My Child, be steadfast in this blindfold race"

A voice from above, whispers to my ears.


Somehow, I felt your presence somewhere near. So, I remained where I stand.




She's a drunken nymph who spent her days finding fields where she can drown in unending dreams of flowers and metaphors.

She's falling off, but forged on against the raging tides that churned the sea of wisdom.

Then, she saw an oak on fire where words became birds of a mirror-world.

Her fellas followed under a buckling moon, a pack of tricks to play between her hidden ghosts.

But her traces blew by the wind, and they went astray.

Now, she's lurking beneath her catastrophic blues as she already masters their dirty play.




I'm not running from you, but a mile is getting longer the closer I get to you.

You may think I'm rude, but I had just learned my lesson. 


You're too smart and above so high.

You're versatile while I'm naive.

I tend to belittle myself for admiring you from afar, since I'm worthless.

So, I've made our Analogies.

You're the Moon, and I'm just one of a million stars.

Whenever I feel small, I keep reminding myself that we're living in the same town under the same sun.


You're so far that I couldn't reach you nor hold you, or even touch the tip of your chin.

You have wings to fly wherever you want while mine was clipped.

I couldn't fly the land of aches

you have caused me.

So, I remained wounded here in my nest. And watching you from here, chasing your dreams made me happy.

You've had enough, you deserve that triumph.


On the other hand, I felt worried I wouldn't see your face.


What if you've overreached great flights?

Then maybe you'll forget to look back. If so then I'll pray for you, that's the least I can do.


Hopefully you'll continue to send me your tweets and sing me your sweetest chirps. It's the only song that is euphonious to my ears, echoes through my veins down to my untrimmed heart.


But I guess I failed,

You made me love you but after that you burned my feathers, you left and abruptly disappeared.



MECA ELLA is a writer and a campus journalist in Northern Negros State College of Science and Technology. She's currently in her 3rd year college, taking BS Biology. She used to indulge herself to new learnings, improving her crafts, and share it through her social media platforms such; TikTok, IG, and her FB Page.


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