Friday, December 1, 2023



Intangible Shadow


When your


abandons you

Questions arise about your existence

And mist obscures all your paths


When the wind gusts are unfavourable

And footsteps are unsteady

Then our own intangible shadows

Keep us steady


Then, in solitude,

 Within the closed eyelids

The buds of the heart begin to bloom

Limbs of insufficiency start to falter

In silence, one starts to discover

Precious moments of peace




In the solitude

Frozen by loneliness

A heart shivers

The body then scours

For a warm ray of Sun


When the Sky urges

And invites the night

Everyone behaves

Inconsistent, despite


Someone is waiting

Near the horizon

FIlled with this hope

The heart runs wild

But the union

Of the Earth and the Sky

Is not true

We start to realise


First Meeting


The first ray of the sun

The first drop of rain

The earth might not recollect

But I do remember

That first meeting of ours

And your first touch too


As eager as the dust particles

That want to kiss my feet

As they touch the ground

The exact, same grace

And excitement we had

For all the first emotions we held


The dewdrops are flowing

Down from the veils

And the flowers are dripping

Raindrops on the ground

From a bee queen's hive

There is the same dripping

As the life-giving sweet juice of life

On the love-making night


Earth, of course

Would not remember

That first pitter-patter!

But even today

I can still recall, in my solitude

And reminisce it all!





  1. Very Good poems....

  2. Great flueancy of words to express the theme of solitude beyond the philosophy. Neha ji is indeed versatile in expression of her feelings and experiences although impact of the same on readers is not as solitudinal as it should be. Nonetheless, her strength is great to enrich world of poetry and literature as such.