Friday, December 1, 2023





I am addicted to your pages

Enamoured by your words

When held in my hands

Eagerly devouring another chapter.

Donna McCabe ©


My Mind...


A staircase to the stars

Unlocking so many dreams and realities

Storing all life memories of many

Making the unreal a possibility

Concepts come to life

A powerful tool when lit up with light

A dark place to be at times too.

Donna McCabe ©




Breaking through barriers

That have surrounded so long

Kept hidden and isolated

Yet knowing it was wrong

Courage helped take it away

One brick at a time

Now I can revel in a view

That is tranquil and divine

Seeing new paths and perspectives

New hopes and dreams

Never doubt courage

For it's the foundations of dreams.

Donna McCabe ©





DONNA MCCABE is an established poet with over twenty years’ experience. Her work has gained her multiple accolades within her field of literature. From being published in journals, magazines and anthologies she is also a respected admin on social media pages as well as having her own Instagram page.


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