Friday, December 1, 2023



The Beauty Of Solitude


We met somewhere between illusions and dreams

Where celestial spindles make appointments

In a swirl of magic, we reached the moon roof

Slipping through rhymes, singing starry lullabies.


We recognized each other in the reflection of minds

While you lustfully listened to the notes of my songs

The moment the cunning moon stole our emotions

The tide was lapping us up to the highest elevation.


We called each other silently in flashes of solitude

Imagining our hugs in an atmosphere of romance

The written verses were read several times by the candle flame

They created beautiful love pictures from casual emotions.


Remain still hidden among the moon's pupils

I will stay sober, I vowed

My contours are a solid shield, don't let me change

In solitude follow the melody of my soul, you will know how much I love you.


Far Away Happiness


I often feel you in the corner of my heart

I always look for you in moments of solitude

I am writing to you, breaking the silence

Then my mind embraces your shadow.


Baby, open the door to your dreams

I will approach you gently like a bird of paradise

I will heal your soul, it will be like new

I will use my lips to remove the wrinkles from your face.


I want to hug you with tender arms

In my heart, your image will not fade

They want to caress your contours with their fingers

For good memories until our hair turns gray.


Maybe I'm not normal or you are my punishment

Solitude embraces me when midnight comes

It hurts under my ribs, where your shadow is

I finally realize that you are my distant happiness.


In The Lap Of Solitude


Where have you been hiding until now?

What planet did you live on?

did the moon do it

we should have met earlier.


You were approaching the gorge of my heart,

you were attracted by my solitude

you slipped and fell into the abyss,

and that's where your trail ends.


My solitude is the wing of an angel,

and it's not a place for everyone,

and you are someone special dear

you take the throne in it.


So never complain,

you have no reason to repent,

because you became my amulet

you remain eternal in duration.




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