Friday, December 1, 2023





I sit in silence, alone and still

The world around me, so calm and chill


The trees sway gently, the birds sing sweet

And I am at peace, in this retreat


No voices, no sounds, just my own breath

I listen to it, and feel its depth


The thoughts in my mind, they come and go

But here in this moment, I am whole


Solitude, oh how I cherish thee

You bring me closer to my destiny


In your embrace, I find my strength

And in your quiet, my soul finds its length


Come To Me!


Doors of love

Roads to death


Your over attitude

Lead to solitude


Be humble to win

Like me and ocean


The world is ours

Tastes like pyres


Where you laid me

Burning in desire


On the altar of love

You keep me alive


To punish in poison

Of serpent of passion


You take the pleasure

And give me treasure


Of island of Ogigia

Alone in nostalgia


A Solitary Star's Cosmic Journey


In the depths of distant space, I roam alone,

A solitary star, in a cosmic zone,

My light a whisper in the vast expanse,

A lonesome dance, in the galactic trance.


In solitude, I find a quiet grace,

Amidst the silence of this boundless place,

No voices echo, no companions near,

Just the cosmic symphony that I hold dear.


Through eons passed, I've wandered far and wide,

Through galaxies and realms, I've tried to hide,

But in this solitude, I've come to see,

The beauty of the universe, just me.


Each star, a story, in the dark unknown,

A tale of life and death, all on its own,

 In solitude, I find a world untold,

 A universe of secrets to behold.


Though solitude may seem a lonesome fate,

 It's in this stillness that I contemplate,

The mysteries of existence, vast and grand,

A solitary star in an endless land.


So, let me shine, a beacon in the night,

A solitary star, burning pure and bright,

In solitude, I'll find my endless rhyme,

And write my tale across the fabric of time




Engr Dr NAILA HINA: (Dr. CMA, MBA, B. E.) A Former Engineering University Instructor, an international award-winning author of 100+ multilingual books, a poet from Karachi, Pakistan. Best Writer of the Decade, editor, translator. Literary Captain at Story Mirror. Recommend for Nobel Prize for Literature 2022. * Continental Manager of Asia, World Press Agency. Naila Hina is humanitarian and graceful. She holds basic degree in Mechanical Engineering with MBA and CMA. She has been awarded Honorary Doctrates. Multitalented she has written poems and books since childhood. Her name is recommended for Nobel prize for Literature 2022. * Dr Naila Hina has translated many Nobel Prize works in Urdu, like Richard Feynman’s book : Surely You are joking Mr. Feynman! Engr. Dr Naila Hina is the first person to translate the Deewaan/ poems of Imrul Qais, father of Arabic poetry.  Dr Naila Hina has published and translated all the books of Dutch poet Germain Droogenbroodt.. She owns a radio station named as Bahisht e Char saat, and NCN Naila-Hina cultural media Network.



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