Friday, December 1, 2023





My soul feels like

a garden without

a single flower.

Your love is for me

 the only power.


My heart pains like

a vein cut

from a piece of glass.

I had so many feelings for you,

 but you treated me like trash.


My body stands naked

 in front of you.

The only cloth I ever needed,

Were your arms around me.

I miss you hear whispering to me:

“I love you”.



Without You


Forests without trees

flowers without bees.


Oceans without any fish

living everyday

without making a wish.


Nests without birds

chicken coops

without eggs.


Me without you.

You without me.



No Reason



A single tree

in the desert.

One drop of rain

in the ocean.

One white cloud

at the blue sky.

One bird flying

in the air.

One child

in the whole world.

One tear

rolling on my face.

One bitter kiss

on my lips.

No one reason

to live without you




EFTYXIA PATSIALOU was born in 1974 in Agrinio, but she grew up in Corfu. Since 1987 though, she lives in Agrinio and she is a mother of three children. She is engaged in amateur activities with acting and puppet show. She is a folk dancer for 20 years, too. She is a Kindergarten teacher and because of her love for children, she’s been writing fairy tales and short stories for children, since she was very young.



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