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“Dreams of light can turn dark during the night;
looking past, the darkness shines hues of color in sight;
See the Unseen.”
~Stacia Lynn Reynolds~

Humanity has turned its thoughts and actions, throughout these last few generations, from people who were once empathetic toward one another, to an apathetic generation full of hate, mistrust, with no apparent passions to help mankind. People talk and people listen, stirring and adding to the clouded black pot of negativity. These pots of hate and condemnation grow hotter and hotter as it boils, while the hearts of mankind grow colder and colder. Where condemnation abounds, judgment clouds and forgiveness is never found. People are drowning in an apathetic world. Drowning in the depths of misunderstanding, hate and mistrust. Has humanity come to a place of no return? Can these obstacles we face day-to-day be overcome? Where can we find a new beginning and a new start where empathy abounds and apathy is destroyed? Where appreciation is gathered into a bouquet of beautiful apparent colors.

Let us become shelters for one another. Let us not leave people in the darkness of condemnation. May we cease to judge, or condemn people only on what we hear; words tainted black, blacken the soul. Let us not look upon the outward appearance of our neighbors, but look inward. May our minds be open to goodness, displaying kindness to those around us and to those we meet. Search for the shining diamonds within others, and search for gold within the hearts of people. People hide, within their own souls, out of fear of hurt; so we need to clothe ourselves with compassion and mercy, no longer leaving others alone. When the sun falls, leave the darkness remain as night, and rise in the wings of the morning, shining our lights upon all mankind; where mercy and abounding grace may be found.

“There’s a very deep connection among human beings.
All we have to do is open our minds to it.”

Our Poetry Archive’s newest intention is to publish continental poets and poetess from every corner of the world. We have pursued this newest idea so readers of this blog may grasp the literary forms of poets and poetess from each continent, and find appreciation in each writer. In this October 2016 Edition, we are featuring poems from 48 European poets. Though we failed to represent poems from every corner of Europe, we feel this a great representative effort, on behalf of Our Poetry Archive.    Our Poetry Archive is pleased to introduce the Featured European Poet, in this special edition; Chryssa Velissariou. We encourage everyone to read her inspiring words, found in her personal responses given, in our interview with her.

Our Poetry Archive’s next Continental Special Edition will focus on North America. This Special Edition is scheduled for December 2016. Our Poetry Archive is extending an open invitation to all North American poets and poetess. Please send at least three poems (on any topic), a profile picture & a short Bio along with the explicit confirmation of your permission for publication of your copyrighted materials in OPA before November 10, 2016. Our email address is: <>

Author Stacia Lynn Reynolds, editor, sincerely thanks each and every poet, poetess and reader who is actively involved in this wonderful blog and continued support of Our Poetry Archive.
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  1. Nice editorial to read and enjoy this European issue of Our Poetry Archive !

  2. Thank you TA Ramesh, for your kind comments and support of Our Poetry Archive!