Saturday, October 1, 2016


Thaddeus Hutyra


You call me your wizardly crimson prince
but I am just a gentleman
always present in your life
although you are often unaware of it.

The third degree connections
are though a subtle reality
almost all the time.

Your widespread smile
arouses me so
sparks of happiness
are the symphony
I am your Cheshire cat, lol !

A crimson prince I am
in all your thoughts and dreams
My smile is so genuine
you hold it in your memories
all the way to the grave.

I am for you, my dear
sort of the Great Attractor
like the real one
in the cosmic dimensions
unknown one
pulling the Milky Way
and hundreds of thousands
of other galaxies
towards it
with a gravitational force
to a million billion Suns.

Yet the secret is
you are the scarlet princess
many times more charming
conquering me so !

Our love is so invincible
in its charming intensity
like planetary football championships
a dance on a planet X
two souls getting in and out
of the dimensional doors.

Our love is a bouquet
of all things, real and unreal
ghosts, phantoms on the feast
warped skyscrapers
chained hearts in their passion.

To all those who stand in the way
the message is back off !
Why don’t you leave one in peace
and focus rather on your own lives ?!

One day we shall discover
the secret of the robotic intelligence
‘ Yes, robots dream ! ‘
the echoes of it
will spread across the world !

But us, dear, nothing shall set us apart
not even things out of the blue sky
not even whatever A to Z locust
for we are lovers of the night
strangers of the day !

Ah, dance with me
dance no matter what
Laugh and joy
are though the way to go !

Forget disturbances of the daily life
early mornings of hurrying to a job
late hours of the night
of tiredly falling into sleep
Here we are, you and me
the now is what it counts !

Never let your broad smile
to die out on your lovely face
Go further through your life
with the lightning thunders
of a beauty princes you are !

Ah, united we are, you and me
two princely souls
of our own lives
and of our love
greater than the world.

Unaware or not
we are to stay forevermore
My heart is yours
and your heart is mine
That’s the vow of our hearts, O’lover !

© Thaddeus Hutyra July, 2016


Where the unattainable mountains
immerse in high skies
there in my heart !

Where the oceans
play the music of sincere tides
there in my heart !

Where the shores of the seas
are paradise alike
there in my heart !

Where the music of our love
transforms all environments
there in my heart !

Where the unknown universes
enrich us with a promise
there in my heart !

Nothing can thus stop us
from the eternal vow
for our two hearts
are one heart !

Let’s go on our honeymoon
the one that is our starlight !

Let’s then celebrate our life
every single day anew !

Let’s fill our hearts
with endless affection
alike the tides of the Universe
till our very last breaths, O’lover !

© Thaddeus Hutyra 22/06/2016


Sense of life alike sparks of light
is the continuous universe
of one’s conscious life
and of endless vortex of thoughts.

The skies of my mind’s universe
might be boundless
enwrapped in limitlessness
perhaps even infiniteness.

Yet sometimes it is so difficult
to decipher
the true sense of life.

What is it really about ?
Forming a family ?
Enjoying the joys of life?

Being creative in a number of arts ?
Keeping long lasting friendships ?
Having a diploma
and an enthralling job?

Loving the one one really cares for
in most enchanting ways
fulfilling the love’s expectations ?

Whatever to say
sense of life is all of it
magnum opus of one’s life
modus operandi of one’s love.

Antwerp, Belgium

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