Saturday, October 1, 2016




Life is an immovable stage
Being fashionable is all the rage
A minute is a minute
An age is an age

Life is a transferable stage
Staying in one place
in another’s induced cage
makes us angry
filled with rage

Life is the only stage
Thank you for releasing me
from the colour beige
Giving love and respect
is the way to move through life
phase by phase

Life is a reasoned stage
It isn’t easy to gauge
We only move on
if we turn its next page

Copyright - Jules Clare - The Jewelster
Monday 29th August 2016,
Crook, County Durham, England
Jewelster Productions Ltd


Life is like a butterfly
See it live and see it die
See it float in the sky
Meditate, watch it as time goes by

Life is like The Amazon
Flowing gently on and on
See it meander, appreciate it’s gentle fun
Go with it’s flow, be the only one

Life is like a hurricane
Be the wind and be the rain
Drown in the insanity of pain
Rise again with a new refrain

Life is like a dream of gold
Don’t give up until it’s finally sold
Be cheerful, startling, bright and bold
Reach it’s boundaries
Come in from the cold

Life is like an open book
Turn it’s pages, be Delia Smith and cook
Be a Queen, don’t be mistook
Be an everlasting memory that’s been shook

Life is like an open heart
Be it’s board, be it’s dart
Make sure you’re the treasure
in it’s apple cart
Relish it’s entirety from the start

Copyright - Jules Clare - The Jewelster
Friday 26th August 2016, Crook, County Durham, England
Jewelster Productions Ltd


I did not snooze
I woke up
I wrote a book
I put my name out there
It was possible to lose

I refused to snooze
I carried on
I followed through
I put my name out there
I did not want to lose

I will not snooze
I set my own standards
I appreciate life’s moments
My name is out there
Can I lose?

Today is very special
I am wide awake
I have not slept
I have not snoozed
I am very proud of my name
Jewels of Authenticity is on the shelves
I have a smile on my face
I am no longer confused
I have not lost
I will not lose

The Jewelster
Friday, 19th August 2016
Belle Vue Club, Crook, County Durham, England
Jewelster Productions Ltd

JULES CLARE was born in Wales in 1963 and lives in the North of England. He has lived life to the full by surviving a brain haemorrhage, ulcerative colitis, bi-polar affective mood disorder, acute rheumatoid arthritis and a deep vein thrombosis!

His stage name is The Jewelster! He is a regular contributor to the PENTASI B World Friendship Poetry Group.

He started writing poetry ten years ago during a mental health recovery phase at The County Hospital in Durham. He enjoys promoting positive mental health and working with the homeless in conjunction with Sanctuary 21 in Durham. He has been on many radio shows and for a year was notably involved in the production of a global Mental Health radio show in conjunction with Gravity Radio North East (Mentally Sound). He has produced numerous self-published books, his most notable being JEWELS IN THE CROWN. He has had over a hundred poems published nationally in magazines and newspapers. His latest poetry book is called JEWELS OF AUTHENTICITY was published in August 2016.

Key poems that he has been commissioned to write are Banners of Hope and Faith (for the 2010 Durham Miners Gala), Thank You (to describe the Rheumatology out-patient experience at Gateshead Hospital),  A Beautiful Day (Weardale Railway) and Holy Communion (Time For Change

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